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"Classified" is the tritagonist of Penguins of Madagascar: The Movie.


He is the enigmatic leader the North Wind Task Force, with his real name concealed for unknown reasons.

"Classified" first appears during Dave's pursuit in Italy along with his squad members, Short Fuse, Corporal and Eva. He rescues the team from Dave's henchmen and returns them to the North Wind HQ. Deeming the penguins unworthy for their operation against Dave, he tranquilizes them and sends them off to Madagascar, though they escape.

The wolf appears later in the Shanghai siege of Dave, and while they capture him, Dave escapes again. The penguins steal North Wind's fighter jet to pursue Dave, with the wolf and his team in pursuit. The aircraft eventually crashes and the North Wind members quickly utilize an inflatable raft to survive in the waters.

Along with the rest of his team, the wolf attempts to attack Dave's stronghold with help from Skipper, Kowalski and Rico to halt Dave, but they are all captured with the North Wind agents left for dead. They are saved by Private, who was assumed to have perished earlier on. He rejects Private's request to save others, citing that they need to return with better equipment. He then leads his squad away, causing Private to proceed without their help. Although the squad arrives during the heat of the battle and manage to destroy Dave's submarine with an explosive van, all North Wind members were disabled and ingested by exterminators' vehicles, and they were able to escape only after the laser was fired.

Ashamed of his ignorance from his professionalism and delighted at the penguins' feat, the wolf allows them to ask a reward of their desire. Private asks for Jetpacks, of which the agency later agrees on for their usage.


Classified, though not antagonistic, always attempts his acts with professionalism and stern demeanor, despite constantly failing to achieve his objectives. He has full belief in his squad, opting to ignore external assistance as long as he has the team around, and dislikes being proven wrong on that aspect too.