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Skipper offers a day off of training to whichever of his teammates can bring him a kipper, but the plan goes awry when the four run into Officer X working at the fish market.


After the other penguins complain about the strenuous tasks they are made to perform as part of Skipper's annual Teambuilding Week, Skipper decides to grant whichever of his teammates brings him a kipper first gets one day off from team building exercises.

Kowalski wants the day so he can prove Albert Einstein's theories wrong such as changing E=mc2 to E=mc3, Private wants the day off so he can watch the Lunacorns, all of Season 3 and Rico wants the day off initially to sit and drink tea in a sophisticated manner while smoking a pipe and listening to classical music, but swats it out of his head for blowing things up.

Kowalski, Rico, and Private then set off in a race against each other to the fish market and then scramble to be the first to snag a kipper once there. But right after Kowalski gets his flippers on one, all three are captured by Officer X, who is now employed as a fishmonger. Crated, the three realize that they were brought down by failing to remain a team, and work together to escape from X's truck and X crashed into a police car and got in trouble with the law again. When they return to the zoo, they present the kipper to Skipper together and inform him that they learned their lesson about teamwork, to which Skipper replies that he was not trying to teach them anything and only wanted a kipper.