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Skipper: Confirm nothing, Kowalski! I can feel it in my gut. Do you doubt my gut? This gut here? Do you? GUT DOUBTER!
Nigel: So I was on the hunt for a rare rough fruited buttercup

Kowalski: It's a flower.

Skipper: Oh.

Skipper: Doilies. Doilies. Doilies. We need a distraction!

Nigel: The old spy game! Well surely you've suspected.

Private: You're a spy?

Nigel: Compliments on your own cover, Private. No one would ever suspect you to be anything but a hopeless nancycat.

Nigel: Pay attention because I'm only going to say this once. Unless, of course, in my discretion I choose to repeat it. The Red Squirrel is real.

Private: Uncle Nigel, that's impossible because he doesn't exist!

Red Squirrel: All those years under ground I got the light sensitivity, and I got it bad!

Nigel: Throwing yourself into the bowels of the beast. Gutsy move!

Private: And a completely intentional one too. Totally not an accident!

Private: Guys, guys, guys! You won't believe it! Uncle Nigel and I fought the Red Squirrel!

Skipper: You called it, Private. I don't believe it.

Nigel: That boy and his imagination. Tall tales and short stories, eh?

Skipper: Impossible, you don't exist!

Red Squirrel: Right, you go on thinking that.

Nigel: Guess the ruse is up. Ah well, had a good run.

Kowalski: You? You actually ARE a super secret agent?

Nigel: Hello, welcome to the show. You're late but we've saved you a seat.

Skipper: I guess we owe Private an apology. I'd rather it was cash.

Red Squirrel: Is this how you come to fight? With a toy?

Private: Yes, yes it is.

Private: You're just jealous! I have a Lunacorn, and you don't!

Skipper: Sorry Rico, an evil lair can only self destruct once.

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