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Best Known Appearances

  • In Tangled in the Web, Alice ends up being taped for Funniest Animals by slapping her butt in the kitchen.
  • In Popcorn Panic, Alice figures out the penguins are behind the stealing of the popcorn.
  • In All Choked Up, she set up a robot ranger to answer questions.
  • In Needle Point, she was looking for Skipper.
  • In Cat's Cradle, Alice takes Max, covered in paint, to the female red Rhodesian slasher.
  • In What Goes Around, she did not help the girl find her doll.
  • In In The Line of Doody, she helped out with the opening of the children's zoo.
  • Alice was shown to be immune to almost all penguin attacks, as she was unaffected by Rico's OHKO attacks and Kowalski stated that Private's quantum-hypercute attack was her only known weakness in High Moltage.
  • In The Big Squeeze, she brought Savio in the zoo and afterwards shipped him back out.
  • In Hot Ice, she kicked Cecil and Brick out of the zoo for not following the rules.
    • Due to the previous three points, it is shown that Alice is both fearless (when confronting Cecil and Brick) and can be an imposing figure if she puts her mind to it.
  • In Wishful Thinking, she compromised the penguins' operations.
  • Alice distrusts the penguins.
  • In the end credits of the episode Love Hurts, it says that Alice is played by Danny Jacobs who plays King Julien. This was (obviously) a mistake.
  • It's possible that Alice might be the head zookeeper—or is at least high-ranked—because in episode, when she was on her phone complaining to a coworker about another coworker that's known for being late to work, Alice threatened to the coworker that's always late to write them up the next time that they're late.

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