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Short Summary

Alice forces Rico to drink a medicine that stops his regurgitating, right after he swallows a ticking time bomb. Now the rest of the team must get Rico puking again before the bomb detonates.


Skipper spies Alice pushing a "suspiciously human shaped" package around the zoo and wakes the others to go investigate.

Upon further investigation, it is revealed to be a talking robot guide that directs zoo visitors around the zoo, thus relieving Alice of annoying tour group questions. King Julien instantly loves the robot, but Skipper believes that soon not only will they have robotic tour guides but also robotic exhibits. Rico regurgitates a bunch of weapons while Skipper tries to decide which would be the perfect one to fight the robot with. Finally Rico coughs up a time bomb and Skipper commemorates Rico's genius. Private warns that Alice is coming and in a panic to hide the bomb Rico swallows everything including the active time bomb.

When Alice leaves and Rico attempts to re-regurgitate the bomb she believes Rico is having trouble keeping his food down. She comes over and forces medicine down his throat that prevents him from regurgitating anything. The penguins try everything to induce vomiting including spinning him around, showing him a gory nature documentary and giving him a disgusting drink called "Number 12". King Julien comes over to the penguin habitat to see what's going on, and the desperate penguins seize Mort, who is the only one small enough to fit into Rico's mouth, with orders to defuse the bomb. To get to the stomach, Mort has the option of taking a spiral staircase or an elevator, also inside Rico's digestive system. However, this proves futile when Mort simply doesn't have the skill to defuse the bomb.

The penguins begin saying goodbye to Rico, their goodbyes becoming increasingly poetic and finally activating his "mushy-love sensitivity". He pukes, regurgitating both Mort, the bomb, and a lot of popcorn. The bomb lands on the robot tour guide and destroys it. King Julien laments sadly that the robot was the only one who ever appreciated his booty. But a robotic arm falls from the sky and points towards his booty, to the lemur king's delight.


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