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All Hail King Julien: Exiled is the name of the fifth season of All Hail King Julien that premiered on May 12, 2017. The season is a continuation to the 4th season of the series which ended with a cliffhanger.


After losing his kingdom to the evil hands of King Koto, King Julien, Maurice and Pancho ran away heading for an unknown destination to try and look for help so that they can defeat Koto. All sorts of obstacles blocked the way, as they bumped into sirens, a giant tentacle, and even have to face some cocky dolphins along the way. Meanwhile, Clover and Sage headed to Sage's guru, the Jarsh Jarsh, to get an ultimate weapon. Mort tried to lead all the prisoners to freedom and take back the kingdom.


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  1. The Strife Aquatic (May 12, 2017) - After fleeing the kingdom, King Julien and Maurice discover an unwanted visitor; Sage takes Clover to meet his guru; Koto makes everyone his slave.
  2. The Most Eggcellent Adventure (May 12, 2017) - King Julien and Maurice arrive on an island full of lady lemurs; Sage and Clover attempt to train a hawk; Mort gains intel on Koto.
  3. Iron Ted Weekend (May 12, 2017) - King Julien and his team discover they are trapped by Crimson and must team up to defeat a beast; Mort tries to rally up his fellow lemurs, but they are losing hope.
  4. Bridge on the River Mort (May 12, 2017) - King Julien tries to get his kingdom back; Sage and Clover train with Sage's guru; Mort rallies everyone to build an escape tunnel.
  5. Raiders of the Lord Shark (May 12, 2017) - King Julien's submarine sinks to the ocean floor; Clover and Sage are lead on a quest to test their patience; Mort leads an escape but a spy is in the midst.
  6. Bad-Year Blimp (May 12, 2017) - King Julien and his team end up on an island inhabited by space monkeys; Clover and Sage find a self-help seminar led by an old friend; Mort hides in Junk Harbour with Timo.
  7. Cult Fiction (May 12, 2017) - King Julien lands himself in trouble with his new army; Clover must rethink her decision to join the cult; Mort struggles to contact King Julien.
  8. Fauxsa Unchained (May 12, 2017) - King Julien and Maurice pose as foosa gladiators in a new plan to ambush Koto; Sage and Clover must face a confusing new challenge; Mort searches for a way to help his king.
  9. I Am Fartacus (May 12, 2017) - King Julien and Maurice must fight their way in "gladiator school"; Sage and Clover are captured by Koto; Mort heads to the Mortverse in search of an army.
  10. For Whom the Bell Gods Toll (May 12, 2017) - King Julien accidentally blows himself up and must stand trial to be awarded a second chance at life; Mort battles Morticus Khan for control of the Mort army.
  11. Out of the Foosa Pen and into the Fire (May 12, 2017) - King Julien and his army plan to trap Koto; Mort must get his army to the lemur kingdom to help King Julien; Clover deals with Koto in her own way.
  12. The Day After Yesterday (May 12, 2017) - King Julien's attempts to destroy Koto are unsuccessful, but the allies he has formed arrive in time to help him out, and Koto's wedding turns into an all-out battle ground.
  13. The Day Before Tomorrow (May 12, 2017) - King Julien rallies his troops and comes up with a plan for all of them to work together to destroy the mountain lemurs once and for all.

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