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All Hail King Julien (Original Soundtrack) is an original soundtrack album for All Hail King Julien released on 11 December 2015 by Lakeshore Records. The album contains 17 soundtracks in total, and runs for 39 minutes.

It includes a lot of the iconic songs of All Hail King Julien in Season 1 and Season 2, including Who's da King (All Hail King Julien Theme), Swagnificent, True Bromance, and many others.

The album also includes 5 complete music pieces composed by Frederik Wiedmann: King Julien Suite, The Magic Baby Forest, My Name is Clover, Pep Talk, and Launch to the Moon.

Album Content

This album contains 17 soundtracks which totals up to 39 minutes. The soundtracks are:

  1. Who's da King (All Hail King Julien Theme) - Blaze n Vill
  2. Iron Booty - Melanie Taylor
  3. Won't Stop - The Deekompressors
  4. Cake O'Clock - Danny Jacobs & Andy Richter
  5. Pose - The Deekompressors
  6. True Bromance - Danny Jacobs & Kevin Michael Richardson
  7. Swagnificent - Blaze n Vill
  8. I Love Your Toes - Andy Richter
  9. Boom Da Party - Blaze n Vill
  10. Me and My Crew - Linus of Hollywood
  11. Big Stacks - Blaze n Vill
  12. Our Life - The Deekompressors
  13. King Julien Suite - Frederik Wiedmann
  14. The Magic Baby Forest - Frederik Wiedmann
  15. My Name is Clover - Frederik Wiedmann
  16. Pep Talk - Frederik Wiedmann
  17. Launch to the Moon - Frederik Wiedmann


The album received a positive response from the community and the public.

During the 43rd Daytime Emmy Awards in 2016, True Bromance won the Outstanding Original Song award against four other songs, namely "Fairy Tale Wedding" from Peg+Cat, "Little Froggie" from Bubble Guppies, "The Magic Inside" from My Little Pony, and "We're Gonna Space Die" from Turbo FAST. Frederik Wiedmann as the composer and Mitch Watson as the lyricist were given the award.