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Julien: Just two guys headin' to town.
Flippin' frowns upside down.
Kowalski: I'll flip you on your crown.
Julien: I don't like how that sounds. C'mon!
Nothin' but time, don't have to worry
'Cuz we're in no hurry! Yeah!
Boom chicka boom chicka bop-pa choo-pa!

Kowalski: This is not the fate I would have chosen...
Julien: But you gotta love it! Time is frozen!
We're off the clock!
Kowalski: Hey, this just might rock!
Julien: We're off the clock!
Kowalski: No tick and no tock! Yeah!

Both: That has got to be fine,
The world is yours and mine,
Because all we've got is


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