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Short Summary

When Skipper steals the batteries from King Julien's stereo, a wild chase gets them stuck in the pen of a mean kangaroo named Joey, where they must work together to escape, if they don't, they will be dead meat.


King Julien begins a dance party at the closing time of the zoo that extends well into the night. Unable to get any sleep and unable to wake his comrades, Skipper sneaks over to the lemur habitat to fix the problem himself.

Skipper steals the batteries from Julien's boom-box. When Julien and Skipper wrestle for control of the batteries Julien inadvertently knocks both himself and Skipper into the habitat of the overly-territorial kangaroo, Joey. Skipper and Julien end up in a tree and must team up to get out of the pen. King Julien's antics cause every escape attempt they try to fail. When Julien successful escapes without Skipper his guilt convinces him to sacrifice a battery to save skipper.

Skipper repays the favor by giving Julien a battery from his walkie talkie. Julien continues his dance party, much to the dismay of his fellow lemurs. When Skipper returns to headquarters he finds out that his men are wearing earmuffs and Rico forgot to give him a pair.


  • Tonight's the Night

Airings on channels other than Nickelodeon USA

  • RTE TWO: Wednesday 6th July 2011, 11:00

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