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King Julien resumes his trek to reclaim his kingdom; Clover and Sage find a self-help seminar led by an old friend; Mort finally contacts King Julien.


Julien and the others are stranded on an island full of monkeys. Their leader comes over to Julien, pushing close to him. Julien pushes him away and greets them. He tells them how the sharks volunteered them to be his army to defeat Koto. Suddenly, a space helmet is thrown from afar, and Julien realizes it is Stanislav's. Excited, he waves to him, but Stanislav only demands they are brought to his camp.

In a hotel, Fred is hosting his own show, about the secrets to happiness. Clover and Sage enter, and as Clover makes out the scene in front of her, she angrily questions why Jarsh-Jarsh sent them here. Sage tells her he must have had a reason, as his wisdom is unparalleled. Pam the mongoose appears, greeting the couple. She tells them how she has changed drastically from the "Pam that so savagely thrashed Clover" when she tried to take over the kingdom, all thanks to Fred and his show. Clover is agitated, remembering the day, and claims she really did not "thrash" her. As Pam continues insisting she "thrashed" Clover, Clover grows furious. Pam signs the pair into the event.

On Monkey Island, Ted entertains the monkeys with a story. Maurice pushes Julien aside, asking how he will convince the monkeys to be his army. Julien tells him he will use his "charm" to persuade Stanislav. As he walks by, Julien grabs him and asks him why he is back in the region of Madagascar. Stanislav calls his second in command, Caesar, to explain. He tells Julien they were rejected by the humans, and dumped on the island as the humans did not care about going to space anymore. Julien tells them this is great as they are now free to be his army. The monkeys disagree and tell them they wish to return to Russia to exterminate the humans.

In the Cove of Wonders, Mort spots Timo's pod and knocks on his door. A while later, Timo appears to tell him he cannot come in. Mort screams at him in frustration.

In the hotel, Clover excitedly sits down with a book (written by Fred) in her paws as Sage sits beside her. She tells Sage that the book really has a lot of things that makes one think, and that maybe the knowledge in Fred's book is the weapon. Sage is suspicious, much to Clover's surprise. He tells her she is buying into nonsense and this must be another of Jarsh-Jarsh's tests. Fred begins his speech. He tells the group he has brought emotional baggage, and begins unpacking his suitcases on stage. He tells the group that a pair of pants represent "not feeling appreciated", and asks if anyone in the room feels that way. Clover raises her paw, earning a questioning look from Sage. She shushes him as Fred proceeds. He raises a pair of underwear and tells them this represents "not being your parents' favourite". Clover raises her paw again when Fred asks if anyone in the room can relate to this, and is overcome with realization. She tells Sage that it is almost as if Fred is speaking only to herself, but Sage says that Fred seems to have a hold on everyone in the room. He is interrupted by Pam, who announces to Clover she is being promoted to the next commitment level as she shows potential. Sage moves to follow her, not wanting to be apart. However, Pam tells him to go play with the kids in the ball crawl, as it is more his speed. He agrees to go only because of the ball crawl. Clover follows Pam.

With Julien, the monkeys build a blimp to fly to Russia. Maurice questions what they will do once they leave, but Pancho appears offering a solution. He tells them he could make a small explosion to hinder their departure. Julien allows him to do this, and goes to talk to Stanislav.

In the hotel, Fred announces a new "Happener" in the room, and introduces Clover to the crowd. He tells her he has a special treat for her, a song. As the singers come to sing around her, she falls into the crowd. Clover is surprisingly pleased, commenting that this makes up for all the hugs she missed growing up. Sage watches from afar. The group continues singing, and participate in a number of bonding activities. Finally, to welcome Clover into the cult, Fred knocks her backwards with his claw. Clover falls back into the crowd, laughing.

On Monkey Island, Julien tries to convince Stanislav to help him, but fails. The monkeys board their vessel, but it barely leaves the beach before it blows up completely. Pancho admits the error of his plan, as the others rush to the water to save the drowning monkeys. Julien saves Stanislav, as he cannot swim. When Stanislav tells him he owes him his life, Julien smiles and says they can work something out.

Back in the hotel, Clover leads Sage into a "mandatory donation" room, smiling. Sage tells her they must leave, but Clover tells him that Fred has taught her priceless knowledge. She throws more donations on the pile. Sage grabs her and tells her they must leave immediately, but Clover insists she sees what is behind the door. Pam appears to shove her inside, leaving Sage alone. Inside a dark room, a rat stamps Clover's new punch card and tells her with a few more punches she will earn a free cup of frozen yogurt. Clover squeals with excitement.

With Mort, he tries several different methods of opening Timo's door himself. Nothing works.

Back on Monkey Island, Julien is awarded a medal of selflessness. Maurice questions whether or not he deserves this as the monkeys, as payback, agree to help him win his war. Suddenly, a tropical storm closes in, forcing the monkeys to quickly build a new blimp.

In the Cove, Mort makes it inside Timo's pod by using one very soft knock which is his pod's security code. Mort yells at Timo, who tells him he is in trouble now. A robot looms above him.

With Clover, she happily holds a punch card, as Sage tells her they must move on now. She tells him that she wants to stay, as she lost everything back home. She starts to pull Sage back along the hotel hallway, but suddenly the couple are grabbed by Fred. He pulls them into his room. He says that he needs help escaping, and when Clover questions what from, he tells her the whole seminars and talks were a "goof". Now he has groups hooked and who will not leave him. Clover is upset that she fell for this, but Sage tells her that maybe rescuing Fred was the true test. Clover agrees, telling them she must grab something and leaves.

With the monkeys, the crew heads into the blimp and prepares to take off. Julien bites off the final rope, allowing the blimp to take off.

Back with Clover, she and the rest of the cult surround Sage and Fred, who have almost escaped and are waiting for her. She tells Fred she cannot let him leave. Fred tries to explain himself to the rest of the group, saying he only created the seminars to gain publicity, and he tricked them all. When he asks if they can all go home now, Clover clenches her fist and demands they are escorted back to the hotel multi purpose room.

On the blimp, Julien is enjoying a party with the monkeys. He notices Maurice sulking off to the side, and grabs him, pulling him off to the side. He asks why he is upset, and Maurice tells him it is because of what they did to the monkeys' first blimp. Julien tells him not to worry, as the monkeys do not know. A monkey listens in from around the corner.


  • King Julien (the main protagonist)
  • Maurice (the tritagonist)
  • Clover (the duatagonist)
  • Sage (a major character)
  • Mort (the tetartagonist)
  • Timo (a supporting character)
  • Ted (a supporting character)
  • Pancho (a supporting character)

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