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"Best Friends" is a song performed by The song is used in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa in the end credits.


Ain't nothing in the world that could tear it apart
You my friend
Ain't nothing in the universe that could come,
In between us,
If you're in a rut I will pick you up,
and bring you back to who you are.

Anything that you need,
I'm here for ya
Where ever I need be,
I'm there for ya
Unconditional, even if it ain't cool,
I'm whatever you need me,

Need a shoulder to cry on, It's here for ya,
Need a friend to rely on, I'm there for ya,
Unconditional, I know you know you're my buddy
Hey your best-est friend

Nobody better say nothing bad about
my friend,
Ain't no what kind of gossip you can spread around
That'll change my opinion
They can make it up, they can talk that trash,
You know who I am, and I know who you are

Anything that you needm I'm here for ya,
Where ever I need to be, I'm there for ya,
Unconditional, even when it ain't cool
I'm there when you need me,

If you need a laugh, I'm there for you
If you need a place to crash, come on
Unconditional, I know you know you're my buddy,
And you're best-est friend

Yeah you're my best-est friend
I know you know you're my best-est friend


Madagascar Best Friends (Instrumental) Track 01