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When King Julien's body double is injured on a waterslide, it's up to Magic Steve to hold peace talks with the cranky crocodiles.


The episode opens up with Clover doing a puppet show, featuring King Julien meeting up with the Crocodile Ambassador. However, the meeting goes horribly wrong, and the Ambassador gets angry and eats the King and Maurice. King Julien asks her to stop as he gets the idea, but is too cowardly to meet with the crocodiles in person in fear of getting eaten. He asks if he can send someone else in his place. Clover then comes up with the idea of having a body double go in Julien's place. Julien and Maurice are on board, and later that day, Clover finds Magic Steve, who looks identical to him. King Julien disagrees, and instead opts to have Sage as his body double. Unfortunately, in the final section of training, Sage injures himself after the King demonstrates how to waterslide like him. This leaves Magic Steve as the kingdom's only hope. He passes the waterslide test and is able to fill in for the King. This ends up backfiring, as Magic Steve later turns out to be evil, and pushes King Julien off a cliff after stealing the crown.

Meanwhile, the Crocodile Ambassador gets increasingly insulted now that King Julien keeps postponing the meeting.

Magic Steve returns to the kingdom, posing as King Julien, instructs Clover to search for "Magic Steve" so she isn't in his way, knowing that she is the most observant lemur in the kingdom and would notice right away that he is not King Julien. Clues to his identity do start slipping in, as Maurice almost hears him mumble "too bad you'll never find him" under his breath when Clover leaves. Then, Maurice becomes suspicious when "King Julien" says "please" while ordering him to gather the kingdom. During that time, Steve prepares a magic show.

Clover ends up finding the real King Julien, who is wailing at the bottom of the cliff. Sage also returns, in a full body cast, since a loud call for help is their "super top secret body double distress signal". Back at the kingdom, Steve begins letting his true self slip through to Maurice. When Maurice realizes he is not the king, Steve traps Maurice and prepares to have him sawed in half. Julien, Clover, and Sage make it back just in time to save Maurice. However, Clover becomes trapped under Sage's body and cannot fight Steve. When Julien confronts Steve, the lemurs can't tell the difference between them. They square off, and Julien is able to save Maurice from death by knocking down the saw used to split him. The Crocodile Ambassador and his associates arrive, being very irate that the lemurs kept postponing the meeting. He demands to see King Julien, and Magic Steve reprises his role. The Crocodile Ambassador promptly devours Steve, killing him, before burping out the crown. After he leaves, the lemurs look in disbelief, thinking that their king was just killed. King Julien then takes his crown back and announces he's returned for good. Maurice and Clover are still skeptical, but King Julien tells off Mort for being an annoyance, revealing he is the king. King Julien says that he let Steve do his job when he saw how angry the Ambassador was.


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