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"No more Clover!?"
~Bone Fossa [source]

Bone-Fossa is a recurring antagonist in All Hail King Julien. He was the leader of the Foosa Territory in Madagascar, before Mary Ann takes his place as leader throughout the majority of the series, up until the end of the series, launching a coup d'état against Mary Ann and retaking his position. He also takes advantage on situations, such as Clover's disappearance on two occasions, to launch attacks on the lemurs.


Bone-Fossa first appears as the original leader of Fossa Territory in "Return of the Uncle King", witnessing King Julien and Maurice in a fossa disguise getting "married" to a female fossa, before their cover was blown.

In "Eat, Prey, Shove", Bone-Fossa learns that Clover has disappeared and launched an attack against the lemurs.

Bone-Fossa was not seen for the majority of the series after Mary Ann took his position as leader of the foosa territory, up until "The End is Near", where he serves as the episode's main antagonist. He once again takes advantage of Clover's disappearance to launch a new attack against the lemurs, breaking the peace between the fossa and the lemurs, and retaking his position as leader of the Fossa territory, after learning that Mary Ann is reconciling with Horst, her lemur husband. He and his Fossa minions attack Mary Ann and Horst and tie them up, so they can attack the lemurs. However, they were defeated by the lemurs even without Clover's help, and Mary Ann, angered by Bone-Fossa's betrayal, chased Bone-Fossa and his minions away from the lemurs.


Bone-Fossa is depicted as a fossa with brown fur and has a skull with feathers for a crown, further showing his role as a leader.