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Kowalski: Eggs... are... egg shaped! Mhahahaha, that's funny.

Kowalski: If only there was a way to boost my brain power from super-genius to super-mega-genius! (Huge explosion sound offscreen follows)
Private: Gosh Kowalski, I already think your brain power's tip-top!
Kowalski: You also think there's a little man in the fridge who turns the light on and off.
Private: And one day I'll catch him!
Kowalski:No, my brain must be better! And it will be! I will be the -DAY! GAH! (Falls into the HQ) OW!
Skipper: Not off to a great start.

Skipper: Ooooh, looks like Alice got herself some heavy artillery. Nice.
(a single fish drops into bowl)
Rico: Huh?
Private: That's not all, is it?
Skipper: She can't expect us to share just one fish!
(Rico eats the fish, and Skipper glares at him)
Skipper: Did you miss the word share?

Skipper: Something's gone horribly wrong with Kowalski's brain. Private, until we resolve this, you're my new options guy.
Rico: Aw...
Private: Yay!
Skipper: Now, how do we fix Kowalski? Options!
Private: Oh, ah, um... Ask Kowalski?
Skipper: Rico! You're my new options man! How do we fix Kowalski?
Rico: Bing! (hefts a croquet mallet)

Skipper: It's that blasted feed system! Squeezing the ever-loving life out of us! I'm wasting away to nothing!
(Skipper juggles his large belly)
Private: Well now, Skipper, not quite! I mean, you've still got quite a bit of spare tire, don't you! And some more on top of... (sees Skipper's glare) Gosh you're thin...

Kowalski: Yay, a mission- HELP! I forgot... how to swim!
Private: You're an aquatic bird, Kowalski!
Kowalski: I'm a beaver?!

Skipper: I want a bungle-free operation. Kowalski! You're on line duty! I want you to follow this line, and don't stop until you reach the end. (points at a large red circle Rico has painted in the habitat)

Kowalski: (being hit by fish) HELP! I forgot- how to swim- in fish!

Kowalski: I like peanuts, and I like butter, but I do not like peanutbutter... (breaks fourth wall with creepy grin of idiocy) WEIRD!

(Huge explosion followed by Kowalski blasting out of the HQ) Kowalski: Ahhhhhhh! Urgh! (lands smack down on the Penguin Habitat) Private: Kowalski are you okay? Kowalski: cough* Yeah, I'm fine, but my cold fusion beverage chiller is about to obliterate every living creature within a 5-mile radius! Skipper: Splendid. Another one of your inventions endangers us all. Rico, terminate Kowalski's latest disaster. (Rico regurgitates a bazooka and goes into the HQ)


Skipper: Let's concentrate on what we can face. Starting with our grub situation. Operation: Fish Fry is a- How did you even manage that?! (screen zooms out, showing Kowalski with a plunger on his face) Kowalski: Can't hear you! Toilet stick on face!


Private: Deploying thumb tacks! (tries to empty the thumb tack box but nothing came out) Um, anyone seen the thumb tacks? Rico:Um, hey. Kowalski: Hm? (Rico points at Kowalski's booty, showing the thumb tacks) Kowalski: Oh. DOWOWOWOWOW! (smacks into building wall)

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