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King Julien tries to get his kingdom back; Sage and Clover train with Sage’s guru; Mort rallies everyone to build an escape tunnel.


Julien and his crew are leaving Siren Island. Maurice is proud of Julien's decision to leave, and Julien agrees, saying it is time to get their own army. Pancho questions how, but Julien ignores him and pushes him inside the submarine.

On Jarsh-Jarsh's mountain, Sage carries Jarsh-Jarsh in one arm and a sleeping Clover in the other arm. Clover is woken by Jarsh-Jarsh's morning vomit. Clover is upset to be awoken this way, and demands Sage let her down. He does, and she asks where they are going at sunrise. Jarsh-Jarsh says they are going where the "curds of the mother create the bond between child and goat". Once they arrive, the two males sit and meditate. Clover is exhausted, and asks the point of this visit. She is soon interrupted by Jarsh-Jarsh hitting her with a leaf. He tells her giving up is failure, not the act of failing itself. He tells her to stare at the sun to see truth. In her mind, Clover is running from a colossal version of herself. Colossal Clover slams down a club, nearly squashing Clover. She wakes up, distressed from her dream. She tells the two what she dreamt, and soon realizes the significance of her dream. In all her stress and anger, she is only hurting herself. Jarsh-Jarsh says she is now ready for the ultimate weapon. Clover is very happy.

In the kingdom, Mort and the chameleons are grabbing supplies. When Maggie farts, the group is caught. However, Masikura slips away. Mort is taken to Koto. When Koto demands to know why he was in the shed, Mort answers that it is a surprise. Koto believes this is for his birthday, and asks Mort what he has planned. Mort says he will be performing a play, and Koto is thrilled with this. He grants Mort full access to the shed. Later, with the other interns, Horst comments that this play is a perfect distraction for their escape.

On the submarine, Julien relaxes, thinking the worst is behind them. However, red flashing lights suddenly beam through the submarine, alerting the crew of a malfunction. Pancho cannot fix it, and the submarine starts to sink.

In Jarsh-Jarsh's temple, Clover squirms with excitement on the couch, ready to receive the weapon. Jarsh-Jarsh vomits, and in the mud is a mirror. Clover is thrilled, but after realizing it is only a mirror, she falls back into the couch, exasperated. Jarsh-Jarsh tells her it is inside the mirror.

In the kingdom, Mort writes his play. By morning, he is finished, asleep on his script. Some of the other interns come to check on his process. He tells them he has written a "musical space odyssey epic wartime drama", featuring the hero Bort. Butterfish tells him to proceed.

In the ocean, Julien's submarine has stopped moving. Suddenly, a major leak gushes water through the main room of the submarine.

With Mort, he has finally gathered all of the interns who will be acting. Brodney is the lead, and is not very happy about this. Mort tells him he will do fine, and asks for him to be given a read-in.

On the submarine, Pancho closes the leaking valves. However, they are deep in the water, and running out of air. Suddenly, a knocking is heard on the door.

With Clover and Sage, the pair look at the mirror Clover was given. It is late at night. Sage suggests talking to the mirror in mirror language, and tries this. Clover pushes his head out of the way, in realization. She asks if this is one of those stereotypical methods of telling someone they must find the power within themselves, as she is the "lemur in the mirror". Sage says Jarsh-Jarsh is not a cliche.

On the submarine, Julien believes the knocking on the door is the rescue team. He eagerly opens the door, only to let in a shark. The others help close the door, but the shark is already let in.

In the kingdom, Butterfish finishes the tunnel. Meanwhile, Mort is on yet another "re-write" of the play. Finally, he finishes, believing this play will be the most important thing the "universe has ever laid eyes on". Horst enters to tell him the tunnel is finished, but Mort ignores him.

In the submarine, Julien discusses his plan for how the group will escape. However, Pancho is suddenly dragged underwater.

Back in the kingdom, Mort begins his play. Koto is enthralled by the piece. It opens with Brodney, followed by a song.

With Julien, he tells the others that he, meaning Maurice, should apologize for letting the shark in. Ted jumps down and tells the others that they should pull together and get through this, but is pulled underwater by the same shark.

In Jarsh-Jarsh's temple, the next morning, Clover has had it. She claims she will return to the kingdom, even if her life is in danger. Sage tells her if she must go, she should take the mirror, and offers it to her. Having enough of the mirror, Clover thrusts it back in his paws and tells him it is now his. The two wrestle, pushing the mirror into each other's paws. In a moment when Clover is distracted, Sage manages to hurl her across the room with the mirror. Jarsh-Jarsh tells her the key is inside the mirror. She gets up, grabs the couch which he is under and throws it back down. Finally having enough of it all, she throws the mirror against the wall, breaking it. Inside it is map. Clover is happy but annoyed with Jarsh-Jarsh for not telling her sooner. She grabs Sage and pulls him towards the door.

On the submarine, Julien and Maurice find oxygen tanks. They swim away, only to be chased by a shark. They make it to open ocean, where some sharks surround them. Ted and Pancho reveal themselves, and claim the sharks gave them oxygen tanks. The lead shark, Ned, tells them he needs their help.

In the kingdom, Mort's play is coming to a climax. After the final fight scene, and Bort rescues his mate, Koto is in tears, having never seen a performance so good. He shouts for the director, Mort. However, Mort jumps into the hole, and begins moving through the tunnel with the others. When Koto realizes this, he screams in fury.


  • Mort (the main protagonist)
  • King Julien (the duetreratagonist)
  • Maurice (the tetartagonist)
  • Ted (a supporting character)
  • Pancho (a major character)
  • Koto (the main antagonist)
  • Clover (the tritagonist)
  • Sage (a major character)
  • Jarsh-Jarsh (a major character)

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