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"I've always imagined myself a lover, and not a ruler"
~Brodney to his brother King Julien [source]

Prince Brodney is a character in All Hail King Julien. He is a socially toxic aye-aye, and is legally brother-by-blood to King Julien through a ‘brarriage’.


Brodney was adopted by Princess Julienne and Prince Barty when Julien angrily complained that he wants a little brother. Julien is overjoyed and tries to make Brodney fit in with the kingdom, much to Mort's jealousy. After a string of failures, Brodney decides to go home, feeling that he is still a loser and not a royal. Julien then decides to make Brodney a royal by "brarrying" him. However, Masikura finds out that Brodney is older than Julien when checking their birth dates, thus meaning that Brodney is now the king. Julien's parents then decide to have Brodney marry a non-royal. When every candidate proves to be unsuccessful, Julien ultimately decides to give the throne to Brodney. Julien's parents then hatch a nefarious plan to have Brodney 'disappear' by throwing him into the Pit of Ultimate Suckage. When Julien learns about this, he is shocked and quickly rushes over to the pit to save Brodney. Before they could leave, Julien is grabbed by a giant tentacle. Brodney saves him by using his flatulence, causing the tentacle to drop Julien and flee. In the end, Mort introduces Brodney to a female aye-aye named Bronda and the two fall in love, thus making Julien the king again.