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Bruce is a character in All Hail King Julien. He is Karl's older brother, and is a businessman that owns a kopi luwak coffee company called "Brüs by Bruce". However, relationships with his younger brother Karl is not going well.


As Bruce runs a business handling Poo Coffee, he has King Julien sign the contract, banning Golden Julien(Tea) from his kingdom, and Bruce owns all the Golden Julien but King Julien must not interfere his business. But Karl’s hatred for his older brother Bruce had been escalated. So Karl and his arch-nemesis King Julien teamed up together to spoil Bruce’s Business. Bruce had ended up with is Business going down. And his younger brother Karl had won.

Physical Appearance

Bruce and Karl share many differences. Bruce has a darker skin and has a more muscular structure than his younger brother Karl. On the other hand, Karl is thin, and has a light coloured skin.