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Brush with danger title card

Scene I: Elephant Habitat

Alice: Boogie, boogie, boogie, boogie in the bright starlight! Shake, shake, shake your booty in your pants so time, time...

Lady: Ok, so we've seen the rhino, the otter, and the penguins.

Man: Hey, you know, wasn't there something weird about those penguins?

Rico and Skipper are hiding near a tree, watching the conversation in the background.

Lady: What do you mean?

Man: Like... were they doing taekwondo?

It zooms to Skipper and Rico.

Skipper: He knows too much. Take your shot.

Rico takes out a blowdart tube, and takes a inhale of breath.

Lady: What? That's crazy talk.

Man: Yeah, I guess your right.

Skipper: Aboard!(smacks Rico)

Rico blows and the stun dart hits Alice.

Alice: Ah!(faints)

Burt: Ooo...

He takes the brush from Alice's hand.

Burt: Ah. Ive always wanted to dabble in the visual arts.

Skipper: Uh, Lets bug out.

Skipper and Rico retreat. Burt is painting on a little wall, humming a song to himself as he does it.

Time Transition

Alice: Uh, what happened?

She gets up when she notices the people.

Alice: I'm okay, i'm okay. Huh?

Alice turns around, and it shows Burt painting a yellow elephant on a brick wall. He turns to the people, and gives a smug smile, and starts painting again.

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