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"The Red Squirrel!!"


  • Legendary special agent.
  • According to Skipper, he is their "Greatest American Penguin Hero".
  • The bird who brought down Penguin Enemy #1: The Red Squirrel, who then escaped.
  • He had been waiting in an underground bunker for 47 years, for the Red Squirrel to appear.
  • He had grown extremely obsessed and paranoid (even dwarfing the other penguin's paranoia combined) to the point of being delusional about Red's existence and that he might have spies everywhere. He thinks that all the zoo animals are agents or spies, sometimes for very trivial reasons, like Phil reading a book the same color as the Red Squirrel's fur or Marlene looking at a poorly, red crayon drawn squirrel that had been sneaked into her habitat.
  • Is a Rockhopper penguin, however his flat-top 'haircut' makes it almost impossible to tell which kind of rockhopper penguin he is.
  • He was Skipper's guide in The Return of Revenge of Dr. Blowhole then got quickly replaced by a white baboon and Alex.
  • He is now currently after Penguin Enemy Number Two: White Widow, The Albino Spider Monkey
  • Red somehow escaped him, again.
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