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Burt is an elephant. He spends his days eating peanuts. He drew many pictures in the episode Brush with Danger. He went to France in the episode Wishful Thinking. He defeated Savio in The Big Squeeze. He follows the motto "An elephant never forgets, but he always forgives". A running gag is that Burt (both by accident or on purpose) crushes someone or something with his enormous pachyderm butt.


Burt is generally peaceful, honest, and cultured, he enjoys Victorian literature and is an accomplished abstract artist. He is something of a gentle giant and a romanticist, generally remembering his youth with fondness. He apparently has a tattoo which he got when he was younger.

He will resort to violence if angered though, like in Loathe at First Sight where he stated he wanted to squeeze Kowalski until he popped. He can be a generally forgiving person even to people who have tormented him, like Kid Kazoo.

As An Elephant

As an elephant, Burt spends the days eating peanuts. He also gets scared by mice, a fact Savio takes advantage of in All Tied Up With a Boa.

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