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Captain Ethan, a rat, was the leader of a pirate crew that operates around Madagascar. He sleeps with his eyes open. His archenemy is Dread Pirate Mort.

Physical Appearance

He is tiny and pudgy rat, he has red eyes and wears captain hat.


He is known as kind and generous captain, who always gives trophies to his crew for their missions being done. However, he reveals his cold and ruthless nature, when he tries to kill Julien.



His crew

He always gives them a trophies for their jobs being done.


King Julien

He captures King Julien and is enemies with him. In Love Gauntlet, he wants to get his revenge on Julien for taking his ship and his crew, but it backfires after his parents push him away, so Ethan could die after perishing to his death to the volcano.

Dread Pirate Mort

He is known as an archenemy of Mort for the battle for Galeria.