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"She leaves a trail of destruction wherever she goes, and when there's no more damage to be done, she moves on!"
~Clover to King Julien, warning him about Crimson [source]

Crimson is a character from All Hail King Julien. She is Clover's twin sister, and known for being King Julien's ex-fiancé.


Crimson is mischievous, selfish, fun-loving, and reckless. She is also very flirtatious, namely to King Julien and then later Sage. She is also prone to holding resentments and is known to put a lot of time and effort into getting revenge.


Crimson looks a lot like Clover, but unlike Clover, Crimson has sapphire blue eyes, pink eyelids, and a pink tinge to her orange fur. She has a lighter shade of pink on the inside of her ears, and no dark fur on her back. She also has less of a heart-shaped face, and she has a beauty mark on her left cheek.


Although she has an English accent like her sister, Crimson talks at a more relaxed pace. She has a tendency to act tyrannical and bratty when someone even mildly inconveniences her. Before settling down on Siren Island, she was known to never have a permanent address, instead, she moved around the island staying with different men. She is also one to never stay in the same place, or with the same man, for too long.


Crimson and Clover

Crimson first came to the kingdom to see Clover. When Crimson meets King Julien, she finds she shares interests with him because of his adventurous side. The two have fun together, while Clover is more suspicious of her intentions. At night, King Julien and Crimson grow closer and have fun with each other. When Crimson returns to her house, she is greeted by her angry sister. Clover asks her to leave, but Crimson says that King Julien invited her to stay as long as she wants. Crimson and King Julien show up on Xixi's show being flirtatious with each other, and decide to get married. While getting ready for the wedding, King Julien finds out that marriage is forever and gets nervous. Clover finds a knife, poison, and a confession note in Crimson's place that can incriminate Crimson for trying to kill King Julien. Crimson explains the knife is for cutting the cake, the bottle labelled poison is actually a cologne for the king, and the note has words of love written on the back. At the wedding, before King Julien and Crimson can wed, King Julien ruins the wedding by saying he is having an affair with his kingdom. After Crimson hears this, she starts crying and runs off. At the end of the episode, Crimson meets with Uncle King Julien and the two create an alliance, as Crimson wants King Julien dead for breaking her heart.

The Man in The Iron Booty

Crimson teams up with Julien's uncle, in his plan to take over a new kingdom. Crimson hires Sage to kill Clover. In Feartopia, Crimson works as Uncle King Julien guard. When King Julien, Maurice, and the other lemurs try to escape, Crimson stops them. Later in the episode, Clover arrives to help the lemurs who are imprisoned, bringing Sage with her. She fights with Crimson, while the two argue about why they are angry with each other. Clover is obviously angry that Crimson attempted to hire someone to kill her own sister. Crimson is angry that Clover "ruined her wedding", and says Clover had always been jealous of her. Clover says she would not have been jealous if Crimson had made time for her. The two apologize to each other, crying and hugging. When the boat leaves to go home to the kingdom, Clover notices Crimson has attached herself to Sage.

King Juli-END?

When King Julien visited, Crimson was living near the kingdom. Sage arrived to visit, and she tried to make Julien jealous of her and Sage "being in love". She was shocked at first after hearing that Julien was dying, but had an evil grin on her face when she decided to share the information with Julien's uncle. The two teamed up and Crimson was tasked with ensuring Julien died by feeding him poison. Crimson successfully got inside King Julien's hut, where during the night, she fed him soup doused with poison. During Uncle King Julien's crowning, Crimson was standing next to him, and when King Julien came back in the Mega Gecko to stop the pair, Crimson bounced off a tree and got away, leaving Uncle King Julien.

O Captain My Captain Pt. 2

Crimson was in her house drinking tea and reading a book when King Julien ran past her with his pirate crew. In her house, she has a picture of her grandmother, Rose.

Jungle Games

Crimson joined Uncle King Julien's team for the games, to beat King Julien's team. She participated in the competitive packing and harpooning event. In competitive packing, she stopped Ted from winning by placing a scorpion underneath him, and in the harpooning event, she made Clover miss the target (though Clover then did the same to her). This ended with her and Clover getting into a fight and being disqualified from the games.

Eye of the Clover

In this episode, we learn a little of Crimson's past. During Clover's flashbacks, Crimson is shown whining about what her grandmother asks of her, and in another flashback she is seen witnessing her grandmother's death. She secretly helps out her sister, Clover, by throwing Julien and Maurice a mix tape to encourage her. At the end of the episode, she explains her reason for helping is because she also wanted revenge for the death of her grandmother.

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