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"She leaves a trail of destruction wherever she goes, and when there's no more damage to be done, she moves on!"
~Clover to King Julien, warning him about Crimson [source]

Crimson is a character from All Hail King Julien. She is Clover's twin sister, and King Julien's ex fiancé.


Crimson is very mischievous, fun-loving, and reckless. She is also very flirtatious, namely to King Julien and then later Sage. She is very prone to holding resentments, and is very cunning.


Crimson looks almost exactly like Clover, but unlike Clover, Crimson has sapphire blue eyes, pink eyelids, slightly lighter orange fur, lighter pink ears, and no dark fur on her back. She also has less of a heart-shaped face, and she has a beauty mark on her left cheek.


Although she has a British accent like her sister, Crimson talks at a much slower pace. She has a tendency to act tyrannical and bratty when someone even mildly inconveniences her.

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