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Clover must rethink her decision to join the cult, and Julien and his team are in trouble with the chimps.


On the blimp, Julien and his team are trying to contact Clover. However, all they have managed to reach is one truck driver named Darryl. Pancho appears to tell the others he is worried the monkeys are suspicious. Julien dismisses this.

Somewhere else on the blimp, Caesar tells Stanislav he is suspicious of the lemurs. Stanislav agrees.

With Clover, she ties up Sage and Fred and labels them "traitors". Fred suggests Sage appeal to Clover as "a friend", which Sage tries. He pulls her close and tells her she has forgotten her mission. Clover tells him this is where she is supposed to be, and steps back to join the rest of the cult. Fred is enraged and lunges at the crowd, but is caught in a trap. Pam declares herself in charge.

Mort, in Timo's pod, is scolded by "Mom-Bot", who is Timo's mother/security robot that has gone awol. Mort explains the newest events in the kingdom to Timo, and asks to use his radio. Mom-Bot tells Mort he is banned from using the radio and must be destroyed. He begs, and she agrees to destroy him after breakfast.

In the blimp, Pancho is captured and questioned by the monkeys. He tells them everything.

On a tree stump, Clover is meditating. Pam visits, and Clover excitedly tells her how close she is to a free frozen yogurt. Pam questions whether or not Clover is truly a loyal "happener", and Clover insists she is. To prove it, Pam tells her she must kill Fred and Sage, and Clover agrees. The two laugh.

In Timo's pod, Mort commends Mom-Bot's cooking. Mom-Bot tells him she will not destroy Mort as she is enjoying his company. Mort asks to use the radio again, but Mom-Bot demands he continue eating.

In the jungle, Clover leads Pam over to her set-up. She grabs a pineapple, adorned with a banana peel as hair, and names it Sage. She imitates him, until Pam tells her to continue. Clover then demonstrates her plan of execution for the following day. It includes carnivorus plants, poison arrows, rocks, dynamite, and more. Clover laughs hysterically when she is finished. Pam congratulates her and agrees to meet the next day.

Later that night, Clover tosses and turns in her sleep. In her dreams, she is on a strange yellow path, questioning where she is. Jarsh-Jarsh appears and asks if this will be Clover's path. She tells him she is now a "happener", and has a sense of peace for the first time. Jarsh-Jarsh tells her she has another path to follow, which makes Clover upset. She screams at him to leave. He does. She runs along the path, away from him. Suddenly the path ends, revealing Koto laughing at the end of it. To her right are Julien, Maurice, and Mort as skeletons. They accuse her of abandoning them. Clover screams, running away, but the path collapses as she falls. Awoken in a sweat, Clover hurls her book to the other side of her hotel room and pants.

In Timo's pod, Mort is answering Mom-Bot's questions. Eventually, he excuses himself to the bathroom. Instead of the bathroom, Mort finds his way into Timo's storage closet, where he discovers the radio. He finally makes contact with Ted, who is pleased to hear him. Mort demands to talk to Julien. Julien greets him, asking what is happening in the kingdom. Mort tells him about the events and the planned wedding, but Julien and his crew are interrupted by the monkeys. Mort is caught by Mom-Bot.

Julien and his friends are cornered, and Pancho admits that he told the monkeys everything. The monkeys prepare to kill them.

In the hotel, Clover prepares to deal with the "traitors". She has them brought out. Suddenly, she pushes aside the two, and announces a new plan- reprogramming. Fred objects, but Sage just meditates.

On the blimp, the monkeys chase the lemurs, forcing them onto the roof of the blimp. They hurry into a lifeboat, except Pamcho, who has to use the bathroom. The other three cut the ropes that hold the boat to the zeppelin and fall from the sky, holding on for their lives.

In Timo's house, Mort is carried away by Mom-Bot. Timo trips her and motions to Mort to follow him. Timo asks Mort to get inside her controls compartment, through her ear of course, and shut her down. Mom-Bot enters and Mort dives for her ear. He vomits, making himself small enough to fit through. He shuts her down, much to Timo's relief. He squeezes out, and rushes back to the radio, only to receive no signal from the other end.

In the hotel, Clover positions Fred and Sage to better see the screen. She plays a video, complete with music. Once she is done, she turns it off and turns to see the cult members twitching. Pam says she feels freer now, and Clover reveals that her device was actually a deprogramming device. Pam thanks her as Clover unties Fred and Sage. Fred apologizes to the cult, before offering a new idea- "Tomorrow Starts Yesterday". The group leaves to find a new destination, while Clover and Sage stay behind. Sage puts a gentle paw on her shoulder, thanking her for sparing his life. She turns to him and tells him to thank Jarsh-Jarsh instead, as he found a way to reach her. She tells him she knows what he meant for her to learn from being sent here. Sage asks what. Clover puts a paw tenderly on his face, and says that they are a team, and apologizes for forgetting that. He smiles, as Clover admits that Jarsh-Jarsh really is wise.

Julien and his team of two land in the water inside their lifeboat. Julien tells them they cannot give up, just as thunder rolls towards them.


  • King Julien (the tritagonist)
  • Maurice (the tetartagonist)
  • Clover (the main protagonist)
  • Sage (the dueteragonist)
  • Timo (a supporting character)
  • Mort (a supporting character)
  • Mom-Bot
  • Ted (one of the two pentagonists)
  • Pancho (one of the two pentagonists)
  • Fred

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