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Episode based

  • In this episode Private learns how to use his cuteness to his advantage, but he doesn't want to weaponize it.
  • Kowalski attempts to dance sexily in this episode with boogy music in the background. Neither Skipper nor Rico are impressed; in fact, Rico appears slightly nauseated.
  • Not wanting to take a nap, Eggy tells his mother, "But I am not feeling the tired," a misuse of proper English sentence structure which is Julien-esque in nature, thus suggesting that the Julien traits Eggy picked up in "Hard Boiled Eggy" are still ever-present.
  • Private discovers that he has "Quantum Hyper-Cute."
  • Kowalski uses his invention called the "Adorablizer" which could capture the target's cuteness level and help them to raise it.
  • Rico has the lowest natural cuteness of all the penguins, and trying to be cute appears to make it worse.
  • Antagonist: Alice, Skipper until the end.
  • Protagonist: Private
  • This is one of the few episodes where a penguin disobeys a direct order from Skipper, and the only one where a penguin does it twice, in this case being Private.

Foul Ups, Bloops, and Blunders

  • In the park when Private uses his Hyper-Cute on Julien, Private's on the left but Julien fell out of the tree on the right.

Behind the Scenes

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