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Dale the snail had been shown in the episode called Arch-Enemy when he said that he hates Private because he had stepped on him last spring which Private doesn't seem to recall. He gets stepped on again and again by Private and Marlene kindly puts bandages on him everytime his shell cracks from the impact of Private squishing him. Later, he gains control of the Next-O-Skeleton in the Penguin HQ when Marlene needed more bandages for Dale, for she was all out. The other penguins tried to fight Dale, who was in control of the Next-O-Skeleton, from stomping Private, but they were soon beaten. When he was about to step on Private with the suit, Private points out that the suit belonged to Kowalski. Dale realized that he mistaken Private for Kowalski and apologized, saying that he will tell the other zoo animals his error and be friends, as soon as he beats up Kowalski with the suit and starts shooting lasers at him.