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Julien sparks a fashion frenzy when he turns a box of diapers into the most popular styles the kingdom has ever seen.



In the kingdom, Julien, Maurice and Mort are doing yoga with Xixi when a crate of diapers falls on top of Mort. Julien asks what they are; Xixi says they're called diapers, and all the kids are wearing them. Julien takes this to mean the diapers are young and hip, and he asks Maurice and Xixi to help him put it on. After it's on, Julien starts getting compliments from lemurs passing by. Xixi recognizes this as Julien becoming a trend-setter, and might even become a fashion icon. Liking the sound of that, Julien decides he's going to bring fashion to the kingdom. Maurice questions how, and Julien says if he wears diapers, they will too, and Julien comes up with an idea of a fashion show to showcase the diapers.

Throughout the day in the plane, Julien and Mort work to create a logo for the diapers. On the night of the fashion show, Maurice introduces the lemurs to Julien. During the show, King Julien walks the runway in various outfits, showing off the diaper to the lemurs. At the end of the show, everyone wants one. Maurice unveils the stand so everyone can line up to get a KJ Original Diaper. Once the line gets to Mort, Maurice runs out of diapers. Ted complains that there aren't enough for everyone, and Julien replies that's what makes fashion so desirable.

The next morning, there is a division in the kingdom between those with and those without diapers. Clover tries to stop the escalating fight, but is too late because Horton is robbed of his diaper.

Clover reports this to Julien, but Julien is displeased that she isn't wearing a diaper, and gives her one. Clover declines, and calls for Maurice to back her up. Maurice, however, says she should try it because it did wonders for his back pain and tail sweat. Julien is relentless. Clover reluctantly puts on the diaper and says she feels ridiculous. She questions how she can monitor the kingdom wearing it, but Julien says fashion comes first. Clover tells of the lemur fight from earlier and the diaper thief on the loose. Clover says the events are terrible, but Julien interjects that this is great because someone stealing a KJ Orginal Diaper means he's closer to becoming the most fashionable king in history.

On Xixi's show, Xixi asks King Julien what statement he's making with the diapers. Julien explains that whoever wears a KJ diaper is a "somebody". This bodes well with the lemurs, as ones with diapers say to the ones without that they are nobody. Xixi goes to a commercial break and the lemurs throw mangoes at each other while Julien speaks.

Back in the throne room, Maurice is explaining to Julien what he said to the lemurs was not the right thing to say. Clover comes in and tells Julien that she caught the diaper thief, Mort. Julien tells Clover to show Mort's diaper to him. Julien checks Mort's diapers and finds it's a fake. Julien orders Clover to find out what Mort knows about the fake diaper.

Clover interrogates Mort using a "good cop, bad cop" approach, and finds out Mort got it from "a guy who knows a guy who made the diaper". Mort knows where to find him. Clover puts a microphone into Mort's diaper and tells him to act normal, and get names. Mort walks up to Pancho and asks him for a diaper. Pancho says he's all out and Mort has to talk to his suppliers. Pancho whispers the names into Mort's diaper when Mort asks twice.

Clover knocks on Ted and Dorothy's door, and starts snooping around for possible diapers. Clover kicks down several doors before finding a group of rats making diapers.

Clover takes Ted and Dorothy before Julien. The two explain- they were making diapers available for everyone. Ted comments how imitation is the highest form of flattery. Julien retorts that excess flattery is the highest form of flattery, and tells them this is a trade mark violation, and orders them to stop making impostor diapers. Julien sends the two away and complements Clover's amazing work.

Julien walks around the next day and notice lemurs wearing polka dotted diapers. He finds Ted handing them out and confronts him about the impostor diapers. Ted retorts that he said to stop making impostor diapers, but said nothing about starting their own brand of diapers. Julien warns him that there's only room for one fashion icon.

Xixi reports on how a fashion war broke out between King Julien's diapers and Dorothy and Ted's diapers. Different diaper designs from the two designers are shown. Xixi comments that there is no sign of the two stopping, and ends with, "war never looked so good".

Back in the throne room, Maurice tells Julien that he thinks they took the fashion competition too far and thinks everyone can be fashionable, not a select few. Julien dismisses him and tries to come up with a new design. Clover rushes in carrying Mort. She says Mort got hurt being trampled while trying to get a KJ Orginal Diaper. Julien comforts Mort during Mort's dying moments. Julien tells Maurice there isn't enough diapers for everyone and he knows what he must do to end this war. Julien says he wishes he could of told Mort of the things he had no courage to tell him when he was alive. Mort comes back to life when he hears this, and Julien kicks him away.

Xixi reports news that Julien is doing a new fashion show, but when asked, Julien replies that it's a surprise. The lemurs in different diapers fight and throw mangoes at each other. They stop when the fashion show starts and are shocked when King Julien rips off his diaper. Julien explains to the crowd that fashion isn't about who you wear, but who you are, and tells everyone to rip off their diapers. Everyone rips off their diapers and throws them in the air. However, they soon run away when they realize the diapers are filthy.

Back in the throne room, Julien is glad he got rid of the diaper because it gave him a terrible rash. Mort comes in, proud that he finally got a diaper. Julien comments that diapers were "so 5 minutes ago".

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