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"Out in/of a cave!!!!!!!!!

~ Dr. S

Dr. S is a self-taught cobra doctor from All Hail King Julien who is quite of a comical character who loves to experiments which are to dangerous and deadly.


He first appeared in "That's Sooo Rob" where Rob wanted Dr. S to transplant some of King Julien's parts into him. Dr. S states that he can't be busted for practicing medicine out of a cave. Dr. S ends up beaten up by Clover.

In "The Phantom of Club Moist", Dr. S assists Rob in a plot to switch Rob's mind with King Julien's mind, although it was only temporary. Both of them were defeated by Clover although King Julien decides to spare them from Clover's wrath. In order to have his legacy help people, King Julien has Club Moist re-established as a hospital with Dr. S and Rob as the first doctors. Dr. S is pleased that he can finally practice medical procedures "OUT OF A CAAAAVVVVEEEE". By the end of Maurice's story, Dr. S drops a stalactite onto Maurice's piano, stating that the rule of the Club Moist Hospital and states that there is no singing in the cave, though Dr. S doesn't recall the other rules.

In "King Juli-END", Dr. S examines King Julien and claims that he has a rare disease called Mad Horse Disease, which there is no cure to. He also tells King Julien that he has one week to live.


  • He often shouts "Out of/In a Cave!", somehow causing lightning to strike.
  • His voice may have been inspired by that of actor Peter Lorre.