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  • She had many other boyfriends beside Kowalski and Parker. Kowalski is always suspicious at them.
  • these include Doug the porpoise, Harry the Octopus, and Pete the manatee
  • In Showdown on Fairway 18, Skipper said that Doris was Kowalski's enemy.
  • She is finally seen in "The Penguin who loved Me"
  • In Kowalski's poem for her, it is said that she dumped Kowalski.
  • At least according to Skipper, she's "useless on land" (though as shown in The Penguin Who Loved Me, she is capable on land as Blowhole is) and Doris only "likes" Kowalski, not "like likes" him (but eventually, at the end of The Penguin Who Loved Me, Doris not only "likes" Kowalski, she "likes likes" him).
  • Doris has been mentioned or talked about many times.
  • In the picture frame that she is portrayed in in Gone In A Flash, Doris has either green eyes or green eyeshadow when the picture is zoomed in closely.
  • In the posters of the Penguin Who Loves Me, it is revealed that she has a blue eye colour.
  • Doris was mentioned in Skipper's sleep talk during Driven To The Brink, and he said "No... no Doris. Kowalski must never know..." before Rico suddenly woke him.
  • Kowalski is said to have a tattoo of Doris from Love Hurts, but the location is never mentioned in the episode.
  • In keeping with Rico's love for Ms Perky, Skipper's marriage to a Hawaiian bobble-head doll in Madagascar 2, and Kowalski's brief crush on the animal control van, there was a rumor going around that Doris is actually not a real dolphin but a signpost, a statue, or a toy of some description, although, this is proven false at the end of Loathe at First Sight, when her silhouette was seen, with a mate.
  • There is another rumor going around stating that Doris and Dr. Blowhole have an alliance/relationship of some sort, both being bottle-nose dolphins, It was revealed in the episode "The Penguin Who Loved Me" that Dr. Blowhole is in fact, Doris' brother.
  • In "Loathe at First Sight" it said that she gave Kowalski the "let just be friends" talk 16 and a half times but he couldn't hear the rest because he was sobbing.

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