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  • In the episode My Fair Fossa, Dorothy is not clapping and cheering during the scene where King Julien, Ted, and Mary Ann end their dance. Instead, Dorothy is seen clasping her hands together with a crazy, starstruck expression. This is possibly her expressing a crush on Ted, as they are revealed to have gotten married later on in the series.
  • Dorothy and Ted have a taco night every week.
  • Dorothy appears to be friends with Willie, as she is seen in the episode The Really Really Big Lie sitting with him, fearfully telling him a rumor she heard about the Mega Gecko. They also were often seen standing together in some episodes.
  • Dorothy is the first lemur in the show to be saved by King Julien.
  • Dorothy has the shortest fur in the show, making her look a bit smaller than a lot of the characters, and making her neck more noticeable.
  • Out of all the female lemurs on the show, Dorothy has the thickest- and darkest- eyebrows.
  • Dorothy has the highest voice out of all the females, and she speaks with a Minnesotan accent.
  • Her name is "Dorotka" in the Polish version of All Hail King Julien.
  • She tends to sleepwalk, and panic if she's woken up.
  • It is unknown if Dorothy has kids