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Rico takes their remote control car out for a spin and crashes it. After rebuilding it, it begins acting violently.


Skipper takes the penguins out for some combat driving drills. Kowalski and Private don't do well, but Rico does incredibly well. Later that night, Kowalski shows Rico some of his inventions in the garage where the car is.

Rico secretly takes the car out for a spin and unfortunately crashes it. He hastily rebuilds it before the others find out. The next day, when Rico drives it again, it goes out of control and seems to have a mind of its own. It breaks out of the garage that night and attacks Rico. The others intervene and rescue him. Even though they set up some heavy defenses around their habitat, the car still captures Rico. Skipper valiantly tries to save him, but gets injured. Rico then blows up the car with a bomb.

The penguins still don't know why the car went crazy. Kowalski figures it out: when Rico rebuilt the car, he accidently put one of his inventions in it known as the Duo-tronic Laser-guided Targeting System, also codenamed "the Hurfin-nek". It had targeted Rico and controlled the car to do so.