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Officers operating under Captain Chantel DuBois, these henchmen follow DuBois without question. Despite this, they are not as resilient as DuBois and as such are prone to injuries. However, they can be healed instantly when DuBois sings "Je Ne Regrette Rien". The henchman who's skinny might have a crush on DuBois because when she smells an animal's scent, he stares at her and gets hit by another henchman.

In the beginning of the film Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, the henchmen got seriously injured while chasing the animals with their boss, Captain Chantel DuBois in Monte Carlo. Later, DuBois regroups her men after singing "Je Ne Regrette Rien" which fully heals them. The men and DuBois track the animals into the Alps and later London. Before DuBois could capture Alex, the penguins knock them out and shot them (including DuBois) out of a cannon. Later, DuBois and her men capture the four zoo animals but the zookeepers incorrectly thank their boss for returning the animals. At the zoo, before Alex is killed by a poisonous dart, Gia pulls him out of the way and the other circus animals come to the rescue. The men are taken out by King Julien, Sonya and Manu and Maya. At the end of the film, DuBois and her men are in crates and are being shifted to Madagascar, thanks to Skipper.

In the deleted scene Next Performance: New York, the skinny man's name is revealed to be Gerard.