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Clover is forced to take a vacation, and while she's away, she meets the handsome and free-spirited Sage Moondancer.



It is morning, and Julien and Maurice are telling Clover she must take a few days off. At first, Clover believes she is being suspended. Julien simply tells her she has been a "stress monster", but she denies this. Julien begins his story of how she has been recently stressing him. In a flashback, Pancho is holding a knife. Clover instantly punches him, stating, "he's got a knife", and believing he is a threat to Julien's life. In reality, he was about to cut his wedding cake. In another flashback, she punches Horst, believing his drink a bomb. In the final flashback, she attacks Willie, before even realising what he "has". At first, Clover tries to defend herself, saying that to do her job correctly she must make a few errors. Julien ignores her. He then tells her that she is need of a vacation. From the window, Xixi suddenly appears, flying and crashing into the throne. After Maurice questions her arrival, she says she always appears when a vacation is mentioned. Julien uses this to his advantage, and tells Xixi to show Clover how to relax, and to go with her on holiday. When Clover refuses, Julien makes it a "law", even demanding that Mort must go as well. When she refuses again, Julien pushes Clover off the plane, finally "getting rid of her". He sighs in relief. When Maurice says that the holiday will do Clover good, Julien says the vacation was really for him. Maurice says that she was only following him around as it is her job to keep him safe. Julien claims that Clover must be "working" Maurice like a puppet, before announcing that he will be going to find explodable objects at the Cove of Wonders. Maurice says that the assistant captain must accompany him for safety. Ted, the assistant captain, enters, complaining that he lost his spear.

At the beach, the vacation destination, Clover is sitting on a chair, a book in her lap. Xixi asks what she is writing about, but Clover claims it is nothing. Xixi becomes more curious, and in an attempt to move away from her, Clover accidentally lets the book slip from her paws, into Mort's. Clover quickly grabs Mort, strangling him. Xixi tells her to back off, or her book will end up in the sea. She lets him go. The two open Clover's book, while she sits nearby and watches. They find a picture of a very handsome and muscled lemur. Clover says that this is Norj Grendlefist, the protagonist's one true love. She is interrupted by Pancho, who blows a whistle in her face, announcing a limbo competition. Mort and Xixi are interested, and leave Clover with her book. Just as she is about to pick up the book, a large, brown animal is seen leaping in the distance. Clover's tail twitches, and she follows the "danger" into the jungle.

In the plane, Julien questions Ted, saying that he cannot tell him what to do. Ted says he would never tell Julien what to do, and offers him a smoothie. Julien drinks it, but then decides it is a "mind-control" tactic, and throws it away. Ted cleans up the mess, and Julien is impressed. Ted says that he will do whatever makes Julien happy. Pleased with this, Julien allows Ted to join him, from a "safe distance". The two are seen eating, playing, and investigating rocks on a mountain together. When the rocks nearly fall on them, Julien says that that too dangerous. Ted agrees.

Clover follows the animal through the jungle, before pouncing on him. He catches her foot, smiling at her. She stops, asking if he is a lemur. He says yes, but that he is not into labels. She suddenly punches him, and the two scrap before he pins her down. Finally, he releases her. After a second look, she realizes he looks a lot like Norj from her stories. Her eyes widen and she smiles at him. He returns a soft smile and picks her up. She says that he reminds her of someone, and he introduces himself as Sage Moondancer, or a series of squawks for "short". She asks him what he is doing out here, and if he is alone. He returns her question with another question, confusing her. He asks her if she is a local. They start to walk, and she explains that she is on a dreadful vacation, where everyone was happy. Sage tells her that vacations are a trap. She says she has never met anyone like him before. She then asks for him to show her around, and he replies with "on it", which is her favorite phrase.

Meanwhile, Julien and Ted find a watering hole neither has seen before. Julien says that Clover had it declared off limits due to foosa. Suddenly, foosa show up. Julien hides behind Ted, telling him that it is his job to protect him. Ted is scared, but then remembers his training. He approaches the foosa and tells them that he alone is in the way of them and the lemurs that wish to eat. He charges, and the foosa run away. Julien realizes what Ted has told them and whimpers.

Back with Clover herself, Clover lays with her head in Sage's lap as he feeds her water from a leaf, telling her stories about his life. She says his life is absolutely fascinating, and that he must be a rugged survivor who kills his own food. He says that he is actually a supporter of non-violence. She is surprised, and asks what he would do if his life was in danger. He says that danger is made up out of fear and worry. Disappointed, Clover asks him to stand heroically, which he does. She smiles, and then asks him to talk a lot less. He says he once took a vow of silence that lasted ages, but broke it in a shouting match with a fern. Agitated, Clover walks away. Sage follows. The couple soon come across a snake, and Clover sees this as a perfect opportunity for Sage to prove that he can protect her. However, he only intimidates the snake, who attacks anyway. Clover punches the snake away in time, and says that Sage nearly got them both killed. Sage suddenly pulls Clover close, apologizing for the snake provoking anger in her. She says it is alright, enjoying the view of his chest and telling him he is very strong. She snuggles into him and smiles.

Meanwhile, Ted and King Julien sit for a picture, which Horst is drawing. When he is finished, Julien backs away, visibly uncomfortable. He sees Maurice and runs over to him. He tells Maurice that Ted is the worst, as he needs a firm hand to stop him from putting himself in danger. Ted is too soft. Maurice says not to worry, as Clover will back tomorrow. Julien says that Ted told the foosa that Clover is gone. Maurice panics.

In the jungle, Sage is sitting and talking to a butterfly. Clover comments that he has been talking to the butterfly for almost an hour. When the butterfly leaves, Clover pulls him over to some tracks on the ground. She says they look like fresh foosa tracks. After tasting them, Sage agrees. Clover says they are heading for her village. She says the kingdom could be in real danger, but Sage says the word real is a trap. Now angry, she yells that he is supposed to be brave, romantic, attentive, virile, and everything she wrote in her stories. She screams that he does not deserve his abs, and punches him. She leaves.

At the beach, Mort wakes Xixi, and the two realize Clover is gone. They leave to tell Julien.

At the plane, Ted walks in carrying more smoothies. Maurice is already there, asking if he told the foosa Clover was gone. He bursts into tears, asking if he is being fired. Julien tells Maurice to comfort him. He sobs into Maurice, and soon Xixi enters the plane. She says they lost Clover. Suddenly, screaming is heard from outside. Once they realize it is the foosa, Julien re-hires Ted. Before Ted can prepare to fight back, Clover arrives at the scene. She begins fighting the foosa as Ted sighs in relief. However, as one foosa is about to attack her from behind, Sage grabs them. He tells her he is there to make up for what happened earlier. Together, they wipe out the rest of the foosa, who run away in defeat. Julien arrives with Ted and Maurice, and tells Clover to not beg him for a vacation again. Clover begins to protest, knowing this was not the case, but sighs and says nothing. Julien hesitantly says that she was good at her job and was missed. He then asks who Sage is. Sage introduces himself, before saying he only came to properly apologize and say goodbye to Clover. He pulls close agin, this time one paw on her head and one on his own. After making sure they have closure, he calls for a hawk, who picks him up and flies him away. He smiles back at Clover. Maurice asks what that was, and Clover replies that hopefully that was her last vacation for a very long time.

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