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Eva is a Russian snowy owl from Penguins of Madagascar: The Movie. She is the North Wind's intelligence analyst and Kowalski has a crush on her.


Eva is an extremely beautiful Russian snowy owl with a Russian accent, blue eyes with long blue eyelashes and white feathers. She uses rockets to fly during missions.


Eva is highly intelligent and extremely smart, being the analyst of the team. She is also shown to be extremely focused on her missions, straightforward, and to the point, but does not show much emotion other than her usual stare. She also does not seem to give much mind to Kowalski’s crush on her, which she later returned after the penguins defeated Dave. Apparently, Eva and Corporal tolerate the penguins more than Short Fuse and Classified, as she is seen fondly stating that they are cute when they are asleep and did not show any irritation at the penguins’ meddling with her stuff other than slight surprise.