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King Julien and Maurice infiltrate a foosa gladiator school; Sage and Clover must face their fears; Mort decides he must form his own army.


Mort is crying, trying to contact Julien. Timo tells him not to worry.

Julien, Maurice, and Ted are screaming as the storm hits their boat. Just as they think it's over, a larger thunder cloud rolls in.

Clover and Sage have left the hotel and are continuing their quest. Sage is making loud bird noises, much to Clover's annoyance. She shuts him up when she hears a noise. She pulls him down behind some bushes and attempts to explain through gestures her plan to discover the source of the noise. Sage does not quite understand these gestures, so Clover tells him to circle one way while she circles the other way, and meet in the middle. The two spring up. They find Jarsh-Jarsh is the source of the noise, and Clover asks what he is doing there. Jarsh-Jarsh explains how proud he is of the pair, and that he has a great gift for them. He tells them to kneel in close. He hypnotizes the couple, who fall to the ground in a deep sleep. Jarsh-Jarsh happily splashes around in a pile of his own vomit.

On an island, Julien and his crew wash up. They hear a voice from further into the island, Mary Ann. She tells a group of foosa that she will be taking a select few to be gladiators at Koto's wedding. Julien hears this and gets an idea. The group will pose as a foosa to be hired on as a gladiator for Koto's wedding, where they will take him out in a sneak attack. They make a foosa suit and Ted, dressed in a tuxedo, greets Mary Ann. He offers his foosa as a gladiator, but the other foosa growl at them.

In Timo's pod, Timo has fixed Mom-Bot so she is no longer destructive. Mort finds Hans' hand, and asks Mom-Bot to lead him to Hans. She straps them both to her and flies to Hans.

In a dream, Clover wakes up in Sage's body. She screams, and wakes him, in Clover's body. She sighs, confused. She walks over to Jarsh-Jarsh, and yells at him. He laughs. She punches down a tree in frustration. She is impressed with Sage's strength, and asks him if he knew he too could knock a tree down with one punch. Sage, in Clover's body, tells her breaking trees is easy, but it takes more work to love a tree. He then complains about the tenseness of Clover's body, before falling to the floor.

Ted tells Mary Ann how great his foosa is, and shows her by telling Julien and Maurice to dance. Mary Ann is impressed but says she has already picked her top four.

Hans is walking home, where he is greeted by his two children and wife. They eat dinner until they are interrupted by a knock on the door. Hans opens it to find Mort, who he is thrilled to see.

Back with Julien, he and the others decide to lessen the competition by taking out the other foosa.

With Clover, she, in Sage's body, is enjoying punching things with Sage's muscled body. She thanks Jarsh-Jarsh for this, and he tells her the gift was for her to become the ultimate weapon. Now, she has her "aggressive mind" coupled with Sage's "homme physique". He then tells her she must destroy Sage residing in her own body, to which Clover is confused.

In Hans' house, his wife serves Mort and Timo soup while Mort tells them his story. Hans says he will do anything to help him as Mort is his best friend. Mrs. Hans is very upset. As Hans tells his children he will go with Mort to fight, his wife screams at Mort. Mom-Bot translates this as her being angry that Hans is ready to just up and leave with Mort, because he now has his own family to put first. Mort tells Mrs. Hans she should kick him, and grabs her foot as Hans walks in.

On the island, Julien and Maurice lure a foods to their trap, where Ted drops a rock on their head. The foosa lifts the rock off, before looking around to see who did it. Julien blames another foosa. The foosa attacks the other, who rolls into the other two. All four foosa start to wrestle, and end up taking each other out. Mary Ann is confused.

With Clover, Sage experiments with stretching in Clover's body. However, he finds her to be too stiff, and mumbles that she should work on her stretch. Suddenly, Clover, in Sage's body, tells him they need to leave as Jarsh-Jarsh wants him dead. Jarsh-Jarsh admits this to be true. Sage, in Clover's body, is confused. Jarsh-Jarsh tells him he is a loser, and loses to everyone he fights. This angers Sage, who starts attacking him. Just as he is about to kill him, Clover, in Sage's body, stops him and tells him she feels peace. She tells him not to hurt Jarsh-Jarsh. Sage accepts her advice and lets him live. Pleased, Jarsh-Jarsh tells the pair that together, they are the ultimate weapon. There is nothing more he can teach them. Finally, he wakes them up by vomiting on them. When they awaken, both are relieved to find they are still in their own bodies. Clover comments that they learnt quite a powerful lesson, and that Jarsh-Jarsh is truly wise.

Back with Mort, he explains to Hans that he didn't mean to cause any trouble, and that he should stay with his family. Hans wishes him luck and tells him he should look for his own army. Mort knows just where to find an army.

Julien and his crew are now on the boat, hired as foosa gladiators. Julien thinks nothing else can go wrong, but when they arrive at "Gladiator School", they find Uncle King Julien in charge.


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