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The Foosa Territory is a nation located on the island of Madagascar, led by Bone-Foosa. The territory is populated by the majority of the foosas on the island.


The fossas have always been the most well known predators of the lemurs. They are known to attack them and eat them. The territory is located amongst the rocky areas of Madagascar, where there is a little bit of rainforest nearby. They don't have an official hierarchical system, but the strongest and most influential foosa would often rise as the leader.

Mary Ann's era

The foosa were active under the rule of Mary Ann. During King Julien XII's reign in the Kingdom of Madagascar, the foosa ate almost half of the kingdom, and drove the remaining away during King Julien XIII's coronation. The lemurs typically deal with them by running away or climbing in trees.

During one of their many attacks, King Julien XIII devised a plan to "lemurise" Mary Ann, and after Clover managed to trap her, the other foosa fled in fear.

King Julien intended to "lemurise" her and have her act as a peacekeeper between the foosa and lemurs. He gave her basic education, and she grew to like the culture of the lemurs, but eventually King Julien unwillingly set her free to her own kind once more.

Their relations with the Kingdom of Madagascar were still not good, however, and they partook in King Julien XII of Feartopia's plan to take over the Kingdom of Madagascar in an agreement they sealed.

They officially allied with the Kingdom of Madagascar during the War of the Beasts, where the foosa joined forces with the Kingdom of Madagascar in the battle against the Mountain Lemur Kingdom.

Coup d'état and Bone Foosa's rise to power

When Mary Ann allied with the lemurs, most of the foosa just followed her, until when Bone Foosa, an influential person among the nation, rose against her. He called upon the foosa to fight against her so they may return to their natural habits of eating lemurs, and executed a coup d'état, and they hunted down Mary Ann.

He successfully manages to gain power, and brings the nation to its old ways of hunting the lemurs. His first action was to attack the Kingdom of Madagascar, but the attempt failed as they were defeated by the kingdom's guards.

They return to continue attacking the lemurs in the future.

Diplomatic relations

Kingdom of Madagascar

Due to the territory being entirely made up with, and governed by, the natural predators of the lemurs, the Foosa Territory is the sworn enemy kingdom of the Kingdom of Madagascar and vice versa. Foosa Territory would often send out waves of attack aimed directly at King Julien's kingdom with the intention of eating the kingdom.

The only time that Foosa Territory was truly allies with the Kingdom of Madagascar was during the War of the Beasts, where they were forced to ally themselves with the other kingdoms to defeat the Mountain Lemur Kingdom. Shortly after that, the territory went back to its old ways of attacking the lemurs again.

Rat Kingdom

There hasn't been much interaction between the rats and the foosa, but it's implied that they're on bad terms with them since one foosa eats a rat during the Jungle Games, though some foosa in the audience look on in horror as they do so, implying that they're actually on good or at least neutral terms with the rats.