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"As Julien searched for Maurice, he ended up in Frank-ri La, on trial for his life in a veggie court of law. Mort got himself an army, after defeating Morticus Khan. Maurice became the Chosen One to lead the bells to a new dawn. And the bell people are actually snails! Sacre Bleu, where is the garlic butter?! Chapter Elva"
~Recap Song


King Julien accidentally blows himself up and must stand trial to be awarded a second chance; Mort battles Morticus Khan for control of the Mort army. Koto, Sage and Clover are absent and make a cameo in the theme song.


In the ring, Karl says he is going to help King Julien and explains how he set up King Julien with Koto. The snake that attacks Julien and Koto is then shown to be beaten by Karl with an air horn. Uncle King Julien doesn't believe Karl's words, but Karl explains the plan is the same to disguise as fossa to gain access to kingdom and for King Julien to kill Koto. King Julien explains to Karl that doesn't want his kingdom back but Maurice.

In the Cove of Wonders, King Julien is sobbing about Maurice. When he questions where he is, he touches a sea mine and blows himself up and he accidentally kills himself. After his death, He appears in Frank-ila and shouts for Maurice.

Maurice wakes up in a cave and is surrounded by bells. The bells call him the chosen one which makes Maurice panic about being eaten, but the bells calm him that he won't be eaten.

In the multiverse, Morticus Khan says to Mort that he is going to absorb his essence. Before they fight, Mom-bot comes in to stop Morticus Khan, but he breaks down the Mom-bot.

In Frank-ila, Julien is shouting for Maurice, but Pineapple appears to tell him to stop. Julien explains to Pineapple that he needs to find Maurice, but Pineapple assures Julien that Maurice is not here because he isn't not dead. Julien happy says he going to leave, but Pineapple says Julien can only go back if he is needed back in Madagascar by trial. The trial will determined if Julien is worthy of being re-lemured. Julien says to bring on the trial.

In the cave, The bells tell Maurice that not really bells but snails. Maurice ask why they are hiding underground. The snails explain their story of them being eaten by french men and going underground was the only way for them to survive. Their leader Jingle Jangle fortold that the chosen one from above would come to bring them back to the light. Maurice says he is sorry, but he is no chosen one and he has to get back to King Julien. he leaves and tells them to not follow him.

Back in Frank-ila, Pineapple leads Julien to the courtroom and explains he will be the judge, the jury will be fruit, the prosecutor will be Watermelon Bawkings, Julien's attorney will be Shrimp Cocktail, and the evidence against Julien is his former enemies and Willie. Magic Steve claims Julien is selfish and only thinks about himself, then Watermelon Bawkings shows the room of the other times Julien's enemies were eaten. Julien objects saying that Wildebeest and Ethan didn't get eaten only fell to their death. Julien tries to immnate Shrimp Cocktail for a mistrial but was overruled. Julien thought he found relief cause they can't make King Julien the Terrible the victim, but King Julien the Terrible appeared as a jar of ashes.

In the multiverse, Mort is fighting against Morticus Khan and losing. He tried to use a picture of the feet to defeat him, but Morticus laughs and eats up the pictures and says he broke the feet's hold on him years ago. He says to Mort it's time to end this.

In the cave, Maurice is running, trying to find a way out and get back to King Julien. Maurice finds a snail lost and crying. When ask where his parents are, he responded that they were eaten by French people. Maurice cries because of him being sensitive. The snail recognize Maurice as the chosen one, but Maurice says he's not their chosen one. The snail says that snails only live half as long underground and he won't judge him when he dies which shocks Maurice.

In Frank-ila, Pineapple called Shrimp Cocktail for Julien's defense, but Julien ate him. Julien with a mustache decides to be his own lawyer and claimed King Julien cares abouts his peeps like Mort which shows him injuring Mort and Clover which he's a supporter of her which shows clips of him disagreeing with her. Pineapple says it's enough for the jury, but Julien says the murderer is Willie with Willie questioning why he even is here. Pineapple says it's not a murder trial and tells the jury to make their decision. The jury makes their decision and confirm Julien is guilty.

Back in the multiverse, Mort is about to be finish and Morticus says after he's done he will destroy everything he loved starting with King Julien's feet. Mort hearing this runs to the portal. Morticus stops him ask if he has any last words. Mort starts eating dirt on the ground. Morticus calls him pathetic and knocks him to ground. Just about Morticus is gonna finish Mort, Mort vomits on Morticus knocking him to the portal. The portal picks up Mort and Mort absorbs Morticus essence. Timo celebrates Mort's victory and all the other Mort's bows to Mort showing their loyalty to their new leader. Mort shouts to go home and save King Julien realize the portal broke during the fight and ask Timo if he can fix it.

Back in the cave, Maurice finds the snails boiling a pot. When he asks what are they doing, which the snails sadly explain that without the chosen one they have no choice but to boil a delicious garlic butter for the great feasting. Maurice becomes furious by this so he puts the baby snail down and stops them. Maurice explains to them that he's not a chosen one, nor a hero, but he's not the kind of lemur who leaves everyone behind in great danger. Maurice confidently tells them that if the snails believe in him than so he is and tells them that he'll help them to go towards the light. The snails erupt in joy and starts picking up Maurice up and is close to the garlic butter, which Maurice exclaims:"Not so close to the garlic butter!"

Back in Frank-ila, Pineapple is sentencing Julien guilty since there was no proof that Julien cared about his people. Julien says he went through a minefield just to find Maurice and Julien says to Pineapple to pass the sentence. Julien appears back on the bench with Pineapple saying sometimes the jury and in Frank-ila the judge has the last say. Pineapple gives Julien a second chance and tells him to not blow it.

Julien appears back at the ring again and thanks Pineapple and Frank-ila. Julien's uncle ask who he is talking to. Julien says they will not believe where he's been, but Ted confirms Julien he was standing there the whole time. Karl says to Julien, he needs an answer if he's in for sneaking into Koto's wedding and destroying him. Julien with new confidence says he's in.


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  • This is the second time King Julien dies, after being blown up by a bombs (though it was his first death, but his second death happened).

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