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Fred is a character who only appears in The Penguins of Madagascar.


He is often clueless squirrel that often plays a significant role in some episodes. Kowalski was the first of the penguins to meet him in Otter Gone Wild. He lives in a park near the zoo. He usually takes everything said literally and has a slow monotone speech pattern. Because of his tail, Skipper calls him Bushy Tail. He is friends with Archie, although he calls him a lousy, backstabbing cheat, and also with Antonio. He is often put into situations that endanger him. In The Lost Treasure of the Golden Squirrel," Fred plays a major role by helping the penguins, the lemurs, and Marlene find the treasure. He also dated Marlene in "Otter Things Have Happened." He was once regurgitated by Kitka, probably (and confusingly) thinking she was a liquid airplane with terrible snacks.

In "P.E.L.T.," Fred's intelligence was shown to have improved considerably. When Skipper whined out loud on his chances of finding "freezing cold in the middle of summer," Fred silently pointed to the "Extreme Freeze" snow cone cart passing nearby.

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