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Fascinated by the idea of money, King Julien brings cash to the kingdom. But Mort's surprising money skills create big problems.


On a bright morning, King Julien has revealed the cover of a poster with a creepy image of his face. He is then eager to implant posters into every room of every house in the kingdom. However, Mort says it will take 15 years to make the posters, upsetting King Julien. Upon seeing Julien distressed, Mort rapidly starts to flail his arms and destroy almost everything in sight.

On his rampage, he makes it to the Cove of Wonders, where a board game falls on top of him. Reading the title, "Gimme Gimme Gimme: The Game", Mort decides to take it back to the King in order to make him happy. King Julien (after playing the board game) decides to make money of his own so that the people can share the same happiness he felt while buying things in the game.

Everyone is nervous at first, but calms them down after demonstrating with Clover and Mort that money can bring happiness by spending it on items.

Over time, the people get used to buying stuff with money, setting up markets, buying vacations, and even setting up a V.I.P. section for the rich. Eventually, most of the citizens, including King Julien, have spent all of their money and are desperate to make more. Julien decides to "auction off" Clover despite the fact that she is not property to be sold. She ends up getting "bought" by Mort as his own bodyguard. With this new money, he buys a "rear view mirror". Soon all of the money in the kingdom goes to Mort, making him the richest in Madagascar due to his surprisingly good money skills.

Because their money has been spent, the lemur citizens give Mort their babies, their souls, and whatever they have left, in attempts to get food. The whole village grows poor, weak, and hungry. Julien tries to negotiate with Mort some ways that the people can get money, but Mort proclaims that giving it up would make him a cheater in the game.

The king reports the news to the subjects, and then encourages them to give whatever they have left to trade Mort for food. But while Julien goes to give the remaining objects to Mort, he is tricked and trades it all for a "jumping bean", disappointing everyone. King Julien desperately begs Mort to give the people back some money and even offers his throne, if it meant the people would get food. After Mort accepts, Maurice and Clover watch in horror, and King Julien breaks down in tears, screaming "You win, Mort!" King Julien then drops to his knees and cries. However, Mort suddenly exclaims that he has supposedly won the game, revealing he had only been playing the board game the whole time. He soon returns everyone's possessions.

As Clover and Maurice begin to head back home, King Julien is furious that he lost to Mort in a board game and challenges him to a rematch, which Mort joyfully accepts.


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