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Short Summary

The penguins' fish supplies have been replaced by imitation fish cakes. Despising their new diet, the penguins hatch a plan to hijack real fish from a delivery truck.


The penguins commence "adorable hi-jinks" to get the zoo guests to feed them fish. When they receive their food they find their real fish have been replaced with dry, fish shaped crackers. They attempt to eat them but none of them can bear the taste. Skipper throws up and even Rico, who can usually stomach anything, can't eat the crackers.

King Julien on the other hand is very happy that there is no longer a fish smell in the air during the penguins' feeding time. However, Skipper, sick of the imitation fish enlists the help of Pinky the flamingo for aerial surveillance on a mission to obtain real fish.

The penguins are tracking a fish delivery truck and intend to tamper with stoplights in order to stop the delivery truck at an intersection where they will break into it from the sewer. However, Kowalski messes up and stops a truck full of vicious dogs instead. They try again and end up with crates and crates of real fish.

However, when they are unloading their haul back at the zoo King Julien announces that he stole the fish at the dock before they were loaded on the truck. Skipper expected this to happen since he knows Julien hates the smell of fish, so he too switched the crates. After a short back and forth dialogue with increasingly ridiculous counter crate switching, Skipper reveals himself to be King Julien, and King Julien reveals himself to be Skipper. It turns out however, that they had all been outsmarted by Pinky, who switched all of the crates and now has all the fish herself.


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