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Maurice and Julien fight over a camera, but soon Maurice disappears and needs to be found.


Maurice is becoming fed up with King Julien taking all of his belongings and claiming them as the property of the king. Meanwhile, the chimpanzees are playing with a camera that a tourist forgot at the zoo. When the tourist comes back for it they quickly get rid of it by throwing it into the lemur habitat. Maurice catches the camera and Julien tries to take it (Julien believes it's a gift from the "sky spirits"). They struggle and Julien accidentally blinds them both when he takes a picture of Maurice. Maurice is sent flying and lands outside the zoo grounds. King Julien believes that Maurice has become trapped inside the camera as punishment for questioning his authority as king.

Skipper is convinced by Mort's begging to investigate what really happened to Maurice. They figure out that when Maurice was bounced out of the lemur habitat he landed in a garbage can. He was then hauled away to a dump in New Jersey. The penguins find Maurice and force him to come back with them.

Julien tries unsuccessfully to break the camera with a boulder to release Maurice, but instead Mort gets hit by the boulder. As Julien is begging for Maurice to be free, Maurice is catapulted by the penguins over the wall and landed on the picture button, which flashed Julien. Julien thinks it was through his powers and the "sky spirits" that Maurice was "released" from the camera despite Skipper's claim. Mort, who is still under the boulder is completely forgotten.