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  • Seems to have weird powers, mainly teleporting all over the place with "the wind and thunder stuff" not even the penguins could understand. Despite that, she couldn't dodge rocks falling on her... though she does survive that.
  • Along with disappearing and reappearing at random, she also has the ability to enter fantasies, but for some reason (mostly to ask if he "sees the truth"), she only does this to King Julien, much to his annoyance.
  • She hugs Fred for a reason known only to her.
  • Knows more about the treasure and it's curse than anyone, and as Private especially points out, she's "brilliant". However, she's a tad one-track minded, especially about who'd dare to look into the squirrel's eyes to see who's pure of heart, as well as finding the treasure before the rats do to destroy it (claims it's "the only way" to free the curse's victims from their own greed, as though she had put up with that nonsense before)!
  • Despite all those powers and her knowledge, she's somehow unable to end this herself. Whatever it is, at least she's able to intervene enough to help in minority... like offering the first clue.
  • Seems older then she looks... which is quite old.
  • Skipper insulted her by calling her a "banshee". She expressed annoyance quietly, as though it wasn't the first time she heard that one.

General   Trivia   Behind Scenes   Quotes   Photos   Other