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Bio and Personality

Hans is a puffin that knew Skipper in the past because he is "sorry about Denmark". An incident in Copenhagen allowed Hans to frame Skipper for an unspecified crime (probably involving explosions), making Skipper Denmark's public enemy number one. After Skipper left, the Danes caught on to him, and ousted Hans from the place. Hans went to the zoo to try and get a new base of operations whilst pretending to want to be friends with Skipper, but was defeated by him and was sent to the Hoboken Zoo.

In Huffin and Puffin, Hans claims to have kissed Skipper's sister. When Skipper says he has no sister, Hans exclaims "Then who did I kiss?" Whoever he kissed didn't have a beak, so its very possible that Hans kissed Marlene, who was walking with Skipper right before Hans first appeared.

He also appears in The Hoboken Surprise. At first, he appears to be so happy that he had given up on his grudge against Skipper and the penguins. However, after Skipper saw his men having a massage, Hans was captured by Frances Alberta, along with all of the other animals at the zoo, and was replaced by a android duplicate off screen, Hans escaped along with the other animals and helps battle the android duplicates.

He is seen in The Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole, where it was revealed that he escaped the Hoboken Zoo sometime after the events of The Hoboken Surprise and he is now working with Blowhole against the penguins. Although he may have been attacked by Blowhole's Mind Jacker, what had happened to him is unclear. However, he reappeared in Action Reaction that means he may have escaped the mind jacker or accidentally hit by something that made him remember again.

He is currently back living in Hoboken, with Ma the possum taking advantage of him and pretending to be his mother. (Smotherly Love)

In Skipper Makes Perfect, Hans is seen in two different flashbacks, but had no lines.


Hans is incredibly skilled in hand-to-hand combat and is highly agile, enough to take on Skipper, on a equal level, and possibly even defeat him.

In terms of personality, Hans is very deceptive, intelligent and enigmatic.

In the series, Hans cannot fly with wings, something that puffins are capable of in real life. It is not explained why he cannot fly.

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