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Skipper: Nothing more satisfying then a job well done.
[looks into periscope, that is hit by a watermelon]
Skipper: I just cleaned that!

Skipper: You bombard me with music, and fruit, and this!
[points at the cake]
Skipper: Newsflash, lower mammal, there's no such thing as King Julien Day!!
[crowd gasps, Julien's left eye begins twitching]
Maurice: Oh boy.
[Mort faints, Julien looks ready to freak]
King Julien: My cake! It's back! It's my cake everybody. It came back! Silly penguin, have some in your
             head, not on it.
[Julien sticks some mud into Skipper's beak]
Skipper: Hey!

Julien: In a few hours, we celebrate the biggest holiday of the year.
Marlene: Christmas in July! Except it's not Christmas... and it's not July.
Julien: Look how playfully they tease me, Maurice.

Mort: Please, King Julien Day is my most favorite holiday in the whole wide 
      world. I love it this much!
Kowalski: That's a whole lot of love in relation to body mass.

Marlene: (about the candy) I crack it open on my belly and dig out the creamy center.

Skipper: Maurice thinks he can bribe us with his piñata promises. sadly for 
         him, penguins are not for sale. Right, men?
Private: What do you all think is in there? I think there are butterscotch 
         lollies and sour balls.
Kowalski: I'd say we're looking at a 50/50 mixture of gummy fish and candy 
Rico: (deep voice) YAY BUTTONS!!!!!!
Skipper: We may never know, because today we are performing scheduled 
         maintenance on the HQ.
Kowalski: Perhaps we can postpone?
Skipper: Negative. You can't just reschedule scheduled maintenance that's been scheduled,
         right on the schedule.

(Skipper scribbles out the Julien face with a pencil on the calendar he's holding) Private: Skipper's right. Candy is candy... I mean duty is duty (All sigh in disappointment. Skipper's eyes widen. Kowalski blinks sadly and Private sniffles) Rico: (sadly in a high-pitched voice) Buttons...... Skipper: (conceding) Shore leave granted for today, men. Now get outta here, bunch of knuckleheads.

Maurice: Next, the Traditional King Julien Day traditional tossing of the fruit.
Julien: Yes!
Private: Tossing of the fruit?
Marlene: Tossing it where, exactly?
[Marlene gets a melon to the face]
Maurice: At you, exactly.

Maurice: You don't understand this here situation. You want King 
         Julien to be happy on his holiday. One time everyone forgot about King
         Julien Day, I tell you...
Julien: [Flashback] Which forgetter is next for the whooping? Come on, I want
         you to hurt like I do! Ha-ha-ha-ha!
Maurice: Oh, I couldn't sit right for a week. Trust me, you do not want him 
         to freak on you!
Skipper: We'll take our chances.

Julien: Because what is a party without cake? Well it's still a 
 party I suppose but it feels like somthing is missing something cakey.

Julien: It is time to celebrate me and the many moods of me. Today, festive

Skipper: All right, so why are we here?
Kowalski: Ah, The question that has vexed common man and philosopher 
          alike. [pause] That's not what you were going for, is it?

Julien: Now I shall make you all feel inferior, which is proper.

Mason: [interpreting for Phil] Pineapple upside-down cake, glazed with brown
       booger. [Phil signs] My mistake. Brown sugar.
Julien: Eh... just in case, next!

Julien: Do I see bugs in there?
Marlene: Lemurs like bugs. Right?
Julien: Yes, ordinarily. But I'm on a low-tick diet.

Julien:I was really looking forward to eating that cake.How can I look forward to eating nothing?!


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