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Episode based

  • Unlike the other penguins, Kowalski is more addicted to candies.
  • The Zooveniers store now has yellow foam hands with the finger extended and calendars, both with Mort's movie design silhouettes on them. They also have Chinese finger traps.
  • First episode to be titled after a main character.
  • The Lemurs have a boom box.
  • When King Julien is very angry, he can be freaking out & freak other animals.
  • Maurice couldn't sit right for weeks when he sees King Julien freaking out.
  • King Julien's 'freak out' is a little similar to Kingdom Come.
  • King Julien Day is on the 15th of the month. The year is unknown as the calendar does not show it and the season for this date is Autumn.
  • This is the first use of the periscope in the penguins habitat (apart from A Christmas Caper).
  • The penguins have moved their TV off of the ground and it is now resting on top of the VCR.
  • The penguins have regularly scheduled maintenance for their habitat.
  • This is the first appearance of the penguins pink remote control hot-rod car.
  • King Julien day consists of a limbo contest, the traditional "tossing of the fruit" (throwing fruit at everyone), a bake-off (one hour to bake the best King Julien Day cake ever) and the sharing of the sweets (giving away candy).
  • Skipper has earmuffs that are blue with black polka dots in order to drown out King Julien's noise.
  • The cakes made were:
    • A normal cake with Bugs (Made by Marlene, disqualified for adding bugs since King Julien was on a low tick diet)
    • The Upside down pineapple cake covered with brown sugar (Made by the Chimpanzees, disqualified because it had brown booger instead of brown sugar, but this was an accidental translation.)
    • Death by Chocolate with mainly mud (Made by the Penguins, Succeeded but accidentally landed on Skipper but was later retrieved.)
  • When King Julien looks at the pinata, he called it Bob and says he has candy guts.
  • This was the first episode where Kowalski tried to act hip. "Yo, as in 'yo, i am down with that'." LOL

Foul Ups, Bloops, and Blunders

  • After Kowalski jumps in front of Private and Marlene and realizes everyone is staring at him he is suddenly standing beside Private.
  • When Julien comes into the Zooveniers shop, he leaves the door open. When he says he will, “Cut to the chases" the door is closed. After he says, “Shut up and start shopping" the door is once again open. You cannot hear the door opening or closing untill Mort closes it for Julien.

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