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Julien teams up with Timo the tenrec, a scientist who the king enlists to automate everything in the kingdom.

This is Timo's first appearance.



It is the day of the Soggy Solstice, a day when the king must perform a rain dance to Kevin, the god of precipitation. Kevin will then bring the rains to the kingdom if the dance is performed correctly. Masikura starts the event, before introducing Julien to perform the dance. Julien is seen off to the side with Maurice, confused over which dance move went first. He tells him he will just follow wherever his "booty" takes him. Maurice tells him he must dance as choreographed, and Julien agrees only if he can dance with his boombox. Maurice brings the boombox over as Julien begins to dance. However, just as it is about to rain, the boombox dies. Julien stops dancing, heartbroken. After realizing the boombox is dead, he declares he will never dance again. Masikura tells him that the gods require the king to dance, but Julien tells her that if the gods cannot bring back his boombox, then they are "no good". He leaves with his broken boombox. The kingdom starts to panic, thinking that it will never rain and they will die. Maurice is forced to stall.

Julien makes his way to the Cove of Wonders, where he first found the boombox. He tells it that it will always be in his heart, and throws it off the cliff. However, he is stopped when he hears a voice cry for help. He at first thinks the voice is the ghost of his boombox, but then realizes it is a person trapped under his boombox. He goes down to investigate. He pulls his boombox off of a black and white tenrec, who introduces himself as Timo. He then says that he thinks he can help the king.

Timo takes Julien to his pod, a crashed spaceship in the Cove of Wonders, and fixes his boombox. Julien is thrilled by this, and even calls Timo a god. When Timo says he used science to revive the boombox, Julien asks to hear more about "this science".

Meanwhile in the kingdom, Mort performs his own dance to entertain the crowd, which ends badly. Clover soon appears at the scene, asking why no one called her when Julien left, as it is her job to protect him. Masikura says that she knows why Clover was not there this morning. It is revealed that Clover was writing her fantasy novel through the night and slept in the following morning. As the other lemurs continue their panic, suddenly, Julien arrives. He plays his revived boombox, and says that "science" revived it. He introduces Timo. The citizens quickly scramble to the devices that Timo brought with him, playing with them. When Masikura says that the kingdom is more concerned about rain than trinkets, Clover disproves her point, playing with a hairdryer and enjoying herself. Julien says that the people have spoken and goes to join them.

Various shots of the kingdom are seen, with lemurs playing with microwaves and eating food from conveyor belts. Clover even manages to save Ted from the foosa simply putting rocks in a blender and shooting them through the nozzle of the blender.

In the plane, Julien gets a foot rub from Mort, who is stopped when Masikura moves him out of the way. She is angry with him for not finishing his rain dance, and choosing science over the gods. Julien ignores her and calls for Timo. When he arrives, Julien tells her she is fired. She leaves angrily. Julien declares that with science as his "co-pilot", nothing will ever go wrong. However, a shot follows the cords in which the kingdom's devices are plugged into, leading to a generator which is overheating.

Masikura is seen walking with a small sack on her back. She walks past Mort's stump, where Mort stops her and asks where she is going. She says she does not know, and Mort invites her to be his new roommate.

Back in the kingdom, Maurice and Julien walk past all the new devices set up by Timo. Clover calls them both over to experience her new army of loaded blenders, filled with rocks. She turns them on, and rocks fly past them, nearly hitting Julien and Maurice. Suddenly, Clover's blenders stop, along with the rest of the kingdom's devices. Julien calls Timo over to investigate. Time says he will need to head down to his workshop, and Julien volunteers Clover to go with him to protect him.

At Mort's stump, Mort rubs Masikura's back, telling her she has very rough skin. She says this is because she has scales, and goes to take a bath. There is no water. Masikura complains, saying that nobody listens to her, but turns around to see Mort has joined her in the tub. She screams, but Mort says they are just like sisters.

At the Cove of Wonders, Clover says that Timo must be pretty smart to know about science. He says it is both a blessing and a curse, and tells Clover that he can smell the "pheromones secreting from her musk gland", and know that she has no mate. Clover turns her head in embarrassment. Suddenly, Timo's machine starts to malfunction, and blows up, sparking a fire. Clover saves Timo, and goes to warn the kingdom.

Julien and the kingdom are deep in panic, but Maurice tells them they have been through worse. Clover arrives in time to warn them, and tells them of the fire that is spreading toward the kingdom. Julien says that this is not a problem, and that they will simply go to the water reserves to put out the fire. When all the reserves are empty, Maurice says that they will not get any water because Julien never did his rain dance. Julien tries to make it up to the gods by dancing, but they do not respond. Maurice suggests they go see Masikura.

Masikura prepares to leave Mort's stump, which is difficult as he does not want her to go. When she finally leaves, she bumps into the king. With prompting from Maurice, he apologizes to her. She tells him it is too late, and science has doomed the kingdom. Timo shows up with a hose to put out the fire, but realizes he needs water. Masikura says the gods may know a way to get the hose working.

Masikura leads the group to a water reserve under the ground. Clover leads a team to dig to the water. They stick the hose in, and Mort begins to pump the water through using a conveyor belt. However, the hose becomes swollen, and Julien offers to fix it with his rain dance. He bumps the water filled bulge through the hose, and it bursts out the other end, putting out the fire. With the kingdom safe, Julien throws a party.

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