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Helen is a character in All Hail King Julien. She is Hector's mother, who was abducted by humans to be used for their scientific tests in a nearby lab stationed in Madagascar.

Physical Appearance

She is brown lemur with yellow eyes.


Helen was a single mother, who raised Hector as a child. Her fur is brown and her eyes are yellow. As Hector grew older, she was taken from her home by humans and was used to conduct scientific tests and research regarding the lemurs at a nearby lab.

However, the lemurs in the kingdom think that the humans are aliens, and in "Close Encounters of the Mort Kind", they launched an attack led by King Julien, raiding the lab before finding out that the lemurs are uninjured. Instead of going back home, she decided to stay at the lab where she was comfortable at. Hector gave his mother a tracker so he can still visit her.

She is older than Hector, making her the oldest known lemur in the franchise (after Mort, of course).



Hector is Helen’s son. She deeply loves her son and cares for him. After "aliens" abducted her, Hector becomes moody and cranky, and vengeful towards the aliens. After meeting again for the first time in 20 years, they both hug. Hector grows angry that his mother spent her time in the lab, rather than with her son. But in the end, Helen returns to the lab, while Hector leaves and promises to visit her again.