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The penguins install a voice chip in Rico's doll and he begins listening to it.


The penguins are watching a programme called The Lunacorns, a candy-floss sweet show about imagination and cute unicorns and rainbows. Skipper and Kowalski promptly change channels to a wrestling show, but an advert soon comes on. The toy manufacturer of Rico's doll-girlfriend has upgraded their doll line with a voice chip, and now the dolls can speak, saying wonderful things like "I love you too!" Rico desperately wants this upgrade for his Miss Perky doll, and when Kowalski explains he needs a voice chip, Rico grabs him and throws him into the car. The penguins are now on their way to get a voice chip, but the new dolls are selling like hot cakes, and they just can't get hold of one, even on the factory lines.

Private on the other hand manages to get hold of a Lunacorn toy - and to his surprise it has a voice chip saying similar things to what Miss Perky might say. Kowalski promptly takes the opportunity to take the voice chip from the Lunacorn and put it in Miss Perky.

Unfortunately the Lunacorn's voice chip is meant for Lunacorn toys, not Miss Perky dolls. It confuses Rico with its messages of peace and love. King Julien advises Rico to do everything the doll tells him to so as to keep the doll happy, and in doing so, to Skipper's horror Rico becomes a peace-loving hippy. But when the doll suggests to Rico that they become "special friends", which Private translates as "that's girl talk for "I never want to see you again in my life", Rico is devastated, believing that she no longer loves him. Kowalski tricks Rico into believing that the doll loves him just the way he is after he removes the voice chip & does it in a ventriloquism act, leaving Rico happy again, while the disposed chip lands in Julien's cup, strangely it still functioned.


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