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Miss Perky/Lunacorn Says

  • "I love you too!"
  • "Hugs for everyone!"
  • "You're very special to me!"
  • "Friends don't judge friends. Your heart is beautiful."
  • "When you hurt others, you only hurt yourself!"
  • "Be nice to everyone and everyone will be nice to you!"
  • "Fun gets bigger when you share it!"
  • "You'll never be lost if you follow your heart!"
  • "Hooray for puppies!"
  • "I call rainbows upside-down colour-smiles!"
  • "I love flowers, moonbeams, and non-violent protests."
  • "It's good to be good!"
  • "Please and thank-you are magic words!"
  • "Rainbows!"
  • "Sunshine!"
  • "Flowers!"
  • "Moonbeams!"
  • "Smiles!"
  • "Puppies!"
  • "Let's go to Raincloud City!"
  • "Let's be special friends!"


Skipper: I just can't stand to see the poor maniac down like this!
Kowalski: Not even the awesome might of science can make his doll speak without a voice-chip!

King Julien: Hey hey! Pretty lady! Why don't you drop that thing, and get with the king?
Rico: (holding Miss Perky) Huh? Say wha?
King Julien: No, no, I was talking to the pretty lady. You hear me talking with those pretty ears, pretty lady?
(Rico growls and shakes his fist at King Julien)
Maurice: You sure you wanna be doing that?
King Julien: No, no, it is okay because she is attractive and I am wooing her.

King Julien's Echoing Voice: Always... listen... to the lady friend!
(King Julien drops down holding a loudspeaker)
King Julien: Eh, in addition to echoey flashback voices, I also do impressions. Check it out; This is Mort.
(imitating Mort)
King Julien: "I love feet, cause I'm a dum-dum head. Yay!" That was dead-on, right?

Skipper: What in the name of incense and peppermints? (goes inside) ... No... no... NOOOOOOOOO!
Private: What is it, Skipper?
(Kowalski gasps in horror as he sees Rico sitting dressed in peaceful hippie clothes)
Skipper: He's gone... HIPPY!
Rico: Peace, man...
Skipper: What have you done, soldier?!
Kowalski: No, Skipper, we did this. That Lunacorn chip never belonged in a Miss Perky doll! It violates all laws of nature and injection-moulded-plastic!
Private: I do like his shirt. (Skipper slaps him)

Private: (After Rico slaps Skipper with Miss Perky) I thought hippies were nonviolent.
Rico: Ah, what are you gonna do? (uses Miss Perky to slap Private and Kowalski)

Skipper: Stop that hippie!

Skipper: What are you gonna do Moonbeam (With that Rico hits Skipper with Miss Perky)

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