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Episode based

  • Private's hyper-cute from Cute-Astrophe returns. Kind of.
  • Mort still calls his tail Rodney from Rat Fink.
  • The brain switching machine from Roger Dodger and King Me appears in this episode. But this is the first time it has failed.
  • Goof: From point where Julien messes up the brain-switching machine to the end, Julien can talk with Maurice's lips, but Maurice has to talk with Julien's booty. However, lips are not connected to brain.
  • Mort still has his gumballs from Wishful Thinking.
  • Antagonists: Alice
  • This is the third time Private has been seen using his hyper-cute & the second time it has failed. The first time it failed & the second time he did it was in Littlefoot, when he tried it on a panicking Marlene, who was too scared to be affected.
  • It seems that there's one other thing that can make Rico barf besides Mushy Love Sensitivity - and that's Private's Anti-Cute Attack.

Foul Ups, Bloops, and Blunders

  • After Kowalski examines Private on the table, when Skipper says they missed a time, all of Private's feathers are seen, but are gone immediately after.

Behind the Scenes

DVD Releases

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