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  • This is another zoo. It is the zoo is from Hoboken, New Jersey. Some characters from this zoo visit the Central Park Zoo (e.g.: Lulu) and others are transferred from it (e.g.: Barry). Apparently only the toughest, meanest animals are sent there.
  • In the episode "Huffin and Puffin," Skipper referred to the Hoboken Zoo as a "disease-riddled cesspool" when asked by Hans.
  • In the episode "Right Hand Man," when Skipper suspects that the penguins may be sent there, he goes on an extensive tirade regarding how he's been to gulags, penal colonies and work camps, but he'd still rather pluck out his own eyeballs than go to Hoboken Zoo.
  • The Hoboken Zoo may or may not be tied in with the Hoboken Aquarium.
  • There really is actually a place called Hoboken and it is in New Jersey, but while there is no specific "Hoboken Zoo," there are numerous parks.
  • Hoboken (as opposed to the South Pole) is the home of a penguin in a classic Bugs Bunny episode called "8 Ball Bunny" so it's not a stretch to believe the writers are referencing that cartoon.
  • In the episode "All Tied Up With a Boa," there is a reptile house in Hoboken.
  • The zoo was physically shown for the first time in "The Hoboken Surprise," when the penguins fought a group of bio-mechanical androids that resembled themselves and zoo residents, who held their friends hostage. The Hoboken Zoo also featured a new zookeeper named Frances Alberta but, being a clean freak, she was fired by Commissioner Pervis McSlade for making android duplicates of the animals.
  • The Hoboken Surprise is the only episode that the Hoboken animals that allied with the penguins.
  • In future episodes, new animals will be battled with the animals at the Central Park Zoo and be sent to Hoboken once they have either been defeated or dealt with.
  • Ma and Lulu are the only ones in Hoboken that are not evil.


Here is a list of animals that are involved (Transferred from or to/visiting) with the Hoboken Zoo:

  • Lulu—Visit—Gone back
  • Barry—Transferred from here to the Central Park Zoo, and is still around
  • Savio—Transfer—Sent back—Escape for revenge—Sent back again—Sent back to Central Park Zoo thanks to King Julien—probably sent back
  • Hans—Sent there—Broke out thanks to Dr. Blowhole—Taken back thanks to Ma
  • Rhonda—Sent there
  • Clemson—Sent there—returns mysteriously—chased by the gorillas and probably sent back
  • Ma—Went there with Hans